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I have turned 23 recently so here is what I really look like, Facially.

Welcome to the personal blog of Kyle Stoddard “Perkino” Perkins! This is a blog with much to offer in the way of intellectually honest commentary from a simple guy. I love talking Middle-earth, Frogs As Pets, Dinosaurs, Meat & Seafood, Brandies, Stouts, Free Enterprise, Civil Liberty, and Idealism in foreign relations.

Regarding the political stuff, nothing I say here is in any way the official stance on that issue of the Libertarian Defense Caucus or of the Cheshire Liberty Town Camp. All public policies advocated here are only advocated by me, with scientific and historic factoids for backing.

Other than this, I am also working on my own medieval-like Fantasy graphic novels which I will blog here about once I get all associated names and stuff copyrighted. Which I will be able to do extra soon!

Look around and see what exactly I have to offer! And do so by clicking the tiny arrow in the bottom right corner of this page and scrolling down to search bar or Latest Posts. Thanks all,

~Kyle S. Perkins

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