My Philosophies

What Religion I am

Truth be told, I am not religious by any stretch of the imagination, rather I am a Deist.

This means I believe in a god that started the universe, and then left it to run according to the laws we have discovered through modern science. I believe that is was, is and will never be God’s job to alter events or intervene at all.

Entire true story of arguments for Deism here.

As you can tell from this, I am very invested in science and not at all in religion. I believe, as a Deist, that a separation of Church and State exists here in the United States even though there are references to God in many aspects of government. Why? Because there are no specifications as to what god. Is it Judaism’s and Christianity’s Yahweh? Islam’s Allah? Zoroastrian religion deity Ormazd? One of the various Hindu deities? Plus most public schools remember to avoid forcing religion onto non-religious in biology classes. I can therefore rest assured that a separation of church and state is present in the US in spite of there being references to a deity all over my great nation’s Federal government.

My Politics pt.1 – I am a Libertarian, neither a Liberal nor a Conservative

Basically every self-quiz on politics I take on the internet will tell you I am this Third-Way political category called Libertarian. It combines the Free-Market Fiscal Meritocrat economics of the Conservative with the Civil-Liberties-first cultural policies of the Liberal.

On the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, I score as follows:

Where I score on the World's Smallest Political Quiz

Where I, the Legendary Deist, score on the World’s Smallest Political Quiz

I score on this quiz an 80% in each direction, the directions being personal freedom direction and economic freedom direction, about the same as a majority of my fellow millennials and roughly the same as a different majority per issue of the American general public.

To prove I am not an extremist let alone an Anarchist of any kind, I took the Libertarian Purity Test from the Free Market Anarchist Bryan Caplan and scored the following:

This is where Bryan Caplan puts me on his Libertarian purity chart based on my answers to his questions

This is where Bryan Caplan puts me on his Libertarian purity chart based on my answers to his questions

He has an array of ranges, the one I fall into is 51 to 90, which indicates “medium-core libertarian”. Believe it or not, Most people see my political statements (and my statements on other topics mostly) as evidence of me being, in their words, “really smart”, mostly contrary to what Caplan speculates.

My Politics pt. 2 – I am a “Neo” Libertarian, not a “Paleo” Libertarian

Neolibertarians like myself are the Libertarians who support an active, tough, but mostly diplomatic-action-based foreign policy. We are the libertarians who oppose military budget cuts but also oppose doing nothing about atrocities elsewhere in the world. Blogger Dale Franks summed up Neolibertarian foreign policy best:

  1. Use of Diplomacy to glorify Libertarian rule and Human rights and to vilify Theocracy and other forms of Authoritarian rule
  2. Use of the US Military only ever being at the discretion of the US population, and even then only against tyrants that directly assault a US National Interest.

Well, those are actually my words and not his, but the foreign policy ideal is the same: anti-dictator foreign policy being the primary overseas activity tool, only intervening militarily against threats to national interest, and a third thing missing from here:

  • Bringing of troops home but maintaining a Free-market economic presence for Capitalism to lead the newly liberated to voluntarily build Liberty-states according to their understanding of the Non-aggression and Voluntary association pacts.

Took a Libertarian type quiz, one that severely misrepresents the Neolibertarian, and got it as my #1 result on that quiz:

I scored 89% because most of the so-called "Neolibertarian" answer choices were not properly reflective of us Neolibertarians.

I scored 89% because most of the so-called “Neolibertarian” answer choices were not properly reflective of us Neolibertarians.

So, in terms of where I stand per issue, you know I am a Libertarian when you notice me being:

  1. Pro-choice on reproductive rights
  2. Supportive of legalizing gay marriage
  3. Hostile to any federal fiscal stimulus
  4. Supportive of hard-money policies like the Gold Standard
  5. Hostile to Internet, TV, Radio, Print and other censorship
  6. Hostile to Video Game regulation
  7. Supportive of legalizing Weed
  8. Supportive of the right to own guns
  9. Hostile to the idea of slavery
  10. Supportive of voluntary secularism
  11. Supportive of freedom of thought for all religions
  12. Supportive of letting Atheists, fellow Deists and other non-religious exist
  13. Preferential toward the Free Market over Planned Market
  14. Supportive of tax cuts and federal budget cuts
  15. Preferential toward Meritocratic paying over Egalitarian paying
  16. Hostile to Nanny Laws
  17. Supportive of Freedom of Food
  18. Supportive of Freedom of Fashion
  19. Hostile to Travel restrictions
  20. Supportive of Laissez-faire Free Trade

However, you also know I am not Doctrinaire when you know that I am:

  1. Hostile to abolishing a government outright
  2. Supportive of states being Republics
  3. Supportive of Minimum Wage
  4. Supportive of Maximum Work Hours
  5. Hostile to legalizing any currently-illegal drug other than weed
  6. Supportive of Disability compensation funding (as I myself have almost none of this disability called autism)
  7. Simply Harsh on aggressive crime
  8. Strongly harsh on sexually violent crime
  9. Hostile to treating proven sexual predators (of either gender) like victims
  10. Hostile to government nurturing of victim-blaming

Finally you know I am a Neolibertarian and not a Paleolibertarian when you know me as:

  1. A supporter of liberating the oppressed globally
  2. A supporter of ending Authoritarian rule overseas to spread Libertarian rule
  3. A critic of just about every Dictator on Earth (there is 51 in the world)
  4. A fan of just about every Full Democracy on Earth (there are 25 in the world, the US being one of these)
  5. An opponent of slashing the military budget
  6. A supporter of instead keeping it as-is, due to the US having by far the strongest military on Earth
  7. An Open-border policy advocate on immigration
  8. A supporter of mainly conducting the Global War On Terrorism through non-militant economic action
  9. A person who is dissatisfied with the way the GWOT is going but still grateful that NATO member states like the US are fighting tyranny overseas at all
  10. An advocate for US participation in Multilateral organizations like NATO, NAFTA, World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, and even the UN.


So, yes, in short I am a Deist who is Libertarian, Interventionist, Harsh on violent crime, and opposed to abolishing government. There is really nothing more I can say on what my philosophies are in this post.


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