Concerning Easterlings

That’s right, this blog is not just politics and religion. It will also be of video games, tabletop miniature games, movies, novels, comics, cooking, baking, and even zoology, the last of which I wish to have a career in when I get my Master’s in Biology.

Anyway, who are these Easterlings? Well, they are a group of fictional humans from a trilogy of books called Lord of the Rings. And not just a group, they are an entire civilization, living in lands that make up much of eastern Middle-earth.

Information on them at Tolkien Gateway here.

This is mainly a post about clarifying some information about these people.

In Peter Jackson’s excellent LOTR movie trilogy, these Easterlings are the guys with the bronze 3-horned helmets, bronze neck-to-knee armor with shoulder-to-finger defenses, and rectangular bronze shields. They also carry the steel halberds in two different sizes. They can be seen in the Two Towers Black Gate scene and in the Return of the King scene “Breaking the Great Gates”.

In the Fellowship of the Ring book they are described as an army of swordsmen, spearmen, archers on horses, chieftains in chariots, and warriors in chariots. The Easterlings are also described as having glaives of two different sizes, the pike size and the spear size for short range combat; rather than halberds. There is even scripture in the Two Towers book about them having helmets and many horses. The Return of the King Book also briefly mentions “Easterlings with Axes”.

There is no description of the phenotype of these guys in the LOTR books but in other Middle-earth based works they are often known as “Swarthy Men”, due to them being tall, slim, and tough with pure black hair, light brown skin and black eyes (which by the way are actually just very dark brown eyes), and this group I will speak of in a future post called the Haradrim have this phenotype as well, indicating both races have what’s perceived as an Arabic phenotype.

The Easterlings’ language according to J.R.R. Tolkien-authored sources is very similar to Dwarvish, and he said he had modeled Dwarvish after most Semitic languages. Yet, the closest human language to Dwarvish is Adunaic, the language of Numenor.

All this leads me to believe the Haradrim and the Easterlings are respectively based on North African and West Asian civilizations of the Classical Age of real life.

The Easterlings have a long and complicated history that can be read on in full at Thain’s Book.

Thank you for your time with this post, and you’ll know what I am thinking about next when I post it.


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