End the Nanny State

Hello people. I want to talk about the senseless laws we call Nanny laws, and how they do severe damage to America.

Nanny laws are laws made to protect people from themselves, from fashion restrictions to alcohol laws to marijuana bans and the worst of them all; video game content restrictions and nutrition mandates.

These laws make no sense and all they do is give the government false “justification” to arrest and jail people who have harmed no one, or they let the government get away with blaming the victim of a heinous crime even when evidence proves violating some one to be a choice (aka ALL the time)

Nanny Laws make me very sick… and here in my country they violate the Constitution! So… what is to do with them? Repeal 100% of them and replace them with nothing. Here are examples of this idea:

  1. The War on Drugs is utterly an epic fail, so we must Legalize and Tax (but NOT restrict) both medical and recreational marijuana and other ultra-soft drugs. As for hard drugs like cocaine, we should keep them illegal but instead of waging war on them we need to mandate rehab for possessors and users of them after a forensic analysis proves they actually have whatever hard drug in there system.
  2. End all restrictions that prevent empathetic & mentally healthy citizens from utilizing their Right to own firearms. If anything, the only firearm-related mandate that makes any sense is a mentality evaluation using scientific technology to make sure a customer is not mentally unstable.
  3. Restrictions on what anyone, especially on what women, can wear in the spring and summer seasons make absolutely no sense and are either misogynistic or misandristic, without any evidence of a “neither-one”. Instead the right thing to do is to just let two things determine those options: what the customer wants to wear in whatever season, and what the seller knows based on common sense is wearable in each season. For example, I would happily wear a Disturbed shirt with nothing under it (or over it) in the summer but I would absolutely wear lots of layers, probably not including such a shirt, in the winter.
  4. FCC and other entertainment restriction agencies have absolutely no place in any Cosmos in the… anyway, you get the idea: exterminate absolutely all censorship of music, video games, tabletop games, comics and other entertainment devices. Let individuals decide what they like and don’t like for entertainment, and what audiences they want to be among. Let the individuals making the entertainment decide what sort of audience they are aiming for instead of having any censorship exist at all. With regards to children, if they don’t understand what they are observing, they have one rational choice they can make: ask their parents for an honest clarification! As for people who are old enough and mature enough to understand most concepts, if they don’t like the word choices and/or other content-related things they are observing, whether by sight and/or hearing, they have an equally rational choice: AVOID THE FILM, GAME OR WHATEVER WITHOUT CENSORING IT AT ALL! In other words, parents reading this, your kids are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! NOT GOVERNMENT’S!!!
  5. While I agree 100% that it is a very good idea to track one’s own nutrition, this is a personal responsibility issue and a parental responsibility issue when it comes to parents of minors. That said, Get rid of 100% of governmental nutrition mandates and instead let the individual determine his or her food choices. Repeal all restrictions on how people can market food, on when breakfast food can be served, on when lunches & dinners can be served, on what ingredients you are allowed to use, on how high in fat a meat can be, on how cooked customers are allowed to ask their meat to be, etc. I refuse to believe that nutrition mandates are in anyway necessary. All these do is make food taste awful and far worse they get people arrested for preparing food “the wrong way”, like there is any deciding factor that outweighs the Will of the Individual, oh wait, no there isn’t! Did you know there exist individuals who concern themselves with their nutrition without any governmental influence on them? Has the Federal government ever heard of vegans? Vegetarians? Fruit-eaters? Avivores (beings who prefer bird flesh to mammal flesh because the former is healthier)? PISCIVORES (beings who prefer fish to mammal due to fish being healthier)?! Clearly not, otherwise there would be no Nanny Laws! And trust me, I had a Piscivore phase in my life followed by a more recent Avivore phase, I know the health concerns I had at those times. I still have the health concerns of me needing to grill more often and fry less often, to name only one of quite a handful I have on a personal level.
  6. We don’t need Big Brother, or the Patriot Act, or the NSA, or most other safety-first agencies or restrictions on the right to privacy. When I go here or to any other site, I always worry about being Wire-tapped by one of the mentioned. I would rather go to here, the internet, without having to worry about Wire taps… so let’s get rid of all the above and next time we need to expand national security, we need to interpret the 4th Amendment in its literal word-for-word sense before deciding what to set up for security expansions. Interpreting this way literally takes half a minute.
  7. Internet-only industries like “YouTube money”, other sorts of Ad Revenue sharing, Online Gambling, and Priced Digital Downloads and Priced Online Streaming; are signs of innovation and of what makes the internet gorgeous and therefore should be celebrated, fully legalized, incentivized and lightly taxed, NEVER demonized and punished. Let’s fully legalize all of these industries, impose absolutely zero restrictions on them, and impose an 8% flat tax on all of these 21st-century-exclusive industries. This policy toward internet-only industries will not only end the Nanny State but will also give us chances at reversing the deficit into a surplus, funding capitalistic, meritocracy (advancement on individual ability)-based incentive, and/or Ending more foreign Tyrants.

Well, I think I have blown through all the biggest examples of Nanny Laws and how they are needless and illogical. Thank you all for reading this very long post, and if I need to simplify anything I said, please let me know what in the comment box 🙂



Progress Report on my Comics

Yes, I am doing Dark Fantasy Comics of my very own and I am going to use this site to get them across to people. This post is about how they are so far.

I have just gotten started on Shape Shifter Against Humanity, a story about a “Terror Lord” who is convinced that humans are the embodiment of all bigotry and that the only way to get rid of bigotry is to get rid of humans, I am still working on it and I am going to patent my comics as soon as possible.

So, other than this, there is not a lot to say. Thank you for your time with this brief post of mine.


Women and my “Type” among them

I should clarify something here about myself. I am a heterosexual guy who recognizes the vast majority of women are good people, and that the ones who aren’t choose not to be.

But yes, what is my type when it comes to women? I am very much attracted to slim, young adult white women with pure black hair and blue or green eyes. Why do I flock to women of such genetics in a flirty way? I shall explain why (and please keep in mind this is all strictly perception, not conclusions):

  • The slim part says to me that she cares about her body health, that she likes to be fast and agile, and that she values exercise to at least a certain degree
  • The young adult part indicates her being among my generation, Millennials, which may not relate to her personality but at least it brings her within range of “age appropriate” for me.
  • The part about her being white has nothing to do with racism or with other sorts of bigotry, instead it is about what polling data indicate she is most likely an ardent follower of among philosophies. Secular theology and Libertarian politics are both most popular among white people, and registering to vote as Unaffiliated (Nonpartisan voting) is also most popular among white people. I would know, as these three philosophical bearings are parts of who I am as a white myself.
  • The black hair comes from only one texture thing and all other reasons for me wanting black hair on a woman are personality based. Black hair, on either gender, tends to be the softest hair in terms of physical texture. Then the personality traits most, including me, associate with black hair are creativity, passion, seductiveness, toughness, mysteriousness, interest in religious and secular philosophies, interest in politics, interest in science, and also interest in poetry, novels, comics and other kinds of entertainment media.
  • The Blue eyes and Green eyes parts come from two lists of personality traits most often associated with these colors. So this one will list blue-eyed traits first. Most with blue eyes tend to be peaceful, smart, kind, happiness-loving and heavily extroverted. Folks with green eyes, on the other hand, their personality for the most part goes as follows: Intelligent, curious, always interested in what’s new, remarkably zealous about living life to the fullest, and very passionate about a diversity of things. The life-to-fullest part basically means to me they are quite the adventurous ones.

Well, that I think sums up why I am very friendly with most women, but only ever have a crush on slim young adult white ones with pure black hair and light colored eyes. My looks? I am a slim young adult white dude with brown hair and grey eyes. Some may say my eyes are blue-grey mixed though. I say they are true grey. Anyways, thank you for your time.


About Spinosaurus

Hello. I wanted to do a Zoology post here, and I figure the dinosaur known as “Spinosaurus” would be the best candidate for first ever Zoology post.

So… who, or what, is Spinosaurus? This being is a dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous, about 127,000,000 BC to 106,000,000 BC. It fed entirely on fish flesh, shark flesh, even marine reptile flesh, including turtle flesh. Spinosaurus stood about 20 feet from sole to top of leg, was 60 feet from nose tip to tail tip, and weighed in at 50,000 pounds. It had a sail on its back and a long skull, as well as webbed feet, and conical teeth. What these four traits were for is for the being to dive into waters and hunt down water-dwelling animals, creatures that today would fit the seafood section of an ingredient encyclopedia.

I have an encyclopedia of ingredients, but we’ll talk about that a different post.

Spinosaurus lived in what is now the Sahara, or North Africa. No evidence exists of it feeding on terrestrial animal flesh, but plenty of evidence indicates it was a seafood-eater, or Piscivore. The creature had a similar-sized cousin called Suchomimus who also fed mainly on seafood from the rivers and ponds. I doubt it would have gone into the ocean, with huge descendants of Late Jurassic marine predator Liopleurodon roaming around. Descendants like Kronosaurus, swimming all over the oceans.

Spinosaurus had three fingers on each arm, and had legs that looked anatomically like reptilian versions of bird legs. Like all dinosaurs, Spinosaurus was also a terrestrial reptile.

Well, this concludes my post on Spinosaurus. Thank you for reading this,


Although I have not posted much…

…I am still going to use this website for my raw thoughts on real life, in addition to using it for this new thing I am doing: Dark Fantasy comics.

You see, this is supposed to be my official website, and therefore I will start actually treating it as such some time within the beginning days of 2015, the upcoming year. In addition to giving people my raw thoughts on the many topics I discuss here, I will also be marketing my hand-written, hand-drawn, fine-crafted comics, all of which are of Dark Fantasy in terms of literary genre.

I will therefore be posting my reviews, rants, and maybe even recipes here instead of my YouTube or my Tumblr. Thank you all for understanding this very brief post,