My thoughts on the Skyrim game

Hello readers. I want people to know what I think of the Bethesda Softworks game Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. I say it is one of the best games I have ever played, but please give me time to explain why:

  1. The Plot: You are basically either a human, elf, feline person (Khajit), reptilian person (Argonian) or orc depending on what race you choose to be but with the soul of a dragon. The latter trait makes you the Dragonborn, a person (of either gender as well) destined to rid Skyrim of this Dragon leader called Alduin. You must go on many quests along the way to ensure you have the skills, tools and resources for this task. Each quest has its own subplot as well and there are even entire separate quest lines with plots of their own.
  2. The Music: Jeremy Soule, excellent as he was composing music for Oblivion, the 4th Elder Scrolls game which I will review later. He composes music that befits the Norse-like tundra setting of Skyrim remarkably well.
  3. The Voice Acting: I love the voice acting. Everyone does a good job with the roles they are given, many of them sound exactly how I’d expect a Norse person to have sounded in Medieval times. Others have very amazing villain voices for characters like Molag-Bal and Alduin.
  4. The Setting: The game Skyrim maintains the classic Fantasy Elder Scrolls Skyrim setting I read about in the Imperial Guide to Tamriel, which for a Fanatsy continent manages to be very realistic, with all the Hold capitals being exactly where I thought they would be based on this guide book I got from my copy of Oblivion.
  5. The Gameplay: This is the part where I must first point out the flaws before I say what I think of it overall. Flaw number one is the game freezing on you when you are hiking your way up certain mountains. The other flaw is that there are some Dragons that taking them down will not result in you absorbing its soul, in other words, you can absorb some but not all Dragon souls. These are literally the only problems you will ever find with gameplay in this game. Spellcasting works well, You get to make your own potions and enchanted items, you get to smith your own weapons and armors, you get to cook your own foods, you get to… you get the idea.
  6. The Game on a whole: Before I rate this game, let me explain my rating system – I have a percentage scale of how quality the product I am reviewing is, with 40% and lower being bad, 40% to 60% being neutral, and 60% or higher being good, and 100% meaning as close to perfect as nothing being perfect will allow something to get. Now that I have explained that, the fact that there are Dragon souls that won’t be absorbed and mountains that will freeze your system if you try to climb them, means I cannot give this game a 100%. But I will happily give this game a 97%, this game deserves it, I would happily push Feral Interactive to port this game into Mac OS compatibility.

Now here is a poll so everyone can share their thoughts on this game:

Thank you all for reading,



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