Anti Censorship And Not Censorship

I am going to break down why I despise censorship and what is not censorship


  1. There should be no limits to what words people can use in speaking, television, radio, film, internet, printed media, or video games. As a future Zoologist, I guarantee Science needs Free Speech in order to flourish
  2. Do not even try to control what Religious or Secular philosophies people can adhere to. I want to be a Deist for the rest of my life, so please let me be a deist for as long as I live. If people want to be Christians and/or Muslims, let them be Christians and/or Muslims. Let someone be every religion all at once if he or she wants to be.
  3. Stop telling people what Historical atrocities they can and cannot discuss! I wish to be able to discuss the atrocities carried out for the corrupt, politically authoritarian misrepresentative of Islam for the past 14 centuries when I feel like it.
  4. How is it okay to tell people what historic and/or fictional people they can and cannot draw? It is not okay, I am not okay with such petty policies
  5. Telling people who they can marry is complete nonsense and fully not compatible with Freedom of Association. Let marriage be between two or more consenting adults.
  6. Let people and clothing makers decide what is fit for Summer & Spring and what is fit for Winter & Autumn. Stop trying to tell people how to dress, unless it is a uniform for a workplace and you are the owner of it. That’s the only exception that should be made.
  7. Linking is referencing and therefore is not piracy
  8. Fair Use doctrine of US law is an example of content uses that are not piracy
  9. First Sale doctrine of US law is an example of non-piracy elements of a proper Free market, and you all know I believe rigorously in the Free Market.
  10. People should be allowed to flirt at individuals that match their taste in whichever gender, so long as they are very subtle. I for example have learned subtlety in my Junior Year of High School and nowadays I should be able to flirt at and flatter all the slim & white lasses (young adult women) with black hair and blue eyes and glasses I come across, if I want to (and I wish to only stop when I find a Single one that has at least similar hobbies, interests and beliefs to mine).
  11. If people like me, other future scientists and current scientists want to question authority, LET US

Not Censorship

  1. If you encourage violent crime or threaten to commit violent crime, you deserve to be arrested and tried fairly in a court, because violent crimes are not Free Expression, quite the opposite – they are Tyrannical expression.
  2. If you encourage property crime or threaten to commit property crime, you deserve to be arrested and tried fairly in a court, because property crimes are not Free Expression, quite the opposite – they are Tyrannical expression.
  3. If you do a work of art and it lacks any serious literary, artistic, political, and/or scientific value; and you get in trouble because a Miller Test proved it to lack any serious value in the above categories of value, then I don’t care. For all the hate I harbor toward the game Battle for Middle-earth II, for example, It at least has the artistic value of good music, and the literary value of how to absolutely not base a multi-platform strategy battle video game on Lord of the Rings lore. As for “art” that satisfies the third condition mentioned on the list I linked to, don’t bother trying to convince me your art does not meet any of those three conditions. And no, I don’t care for the first two.
  4. Warez, Torrent, Keygen, and other forms of real piracy are copyright theft, so if you get more years in prison then maximum jail sentence, then you are exactly the kind of person whose activity stops me from caring, because you give appropriate “intellectual property” users like most of my YouTube subscriptions a bad image, and you are the cause of the perfectly named “copyright nazis”


Thank you for reading this,



Medieval 2 Total War Review

Welcome to a video game review. Yes, I am going to review video games, movies, books and other media on this website, as well as make food and beverage reviews, including restaurant reviews. But this is a review for my favorite video game ever: Medieval 2 Total War.

I always start with problems in a review, so I can at least try to end on a positive note. Then I give a “Positivity Ratio” based on what percent of traits I caught up with are good traits (PR-%; examples = PR-40 and lower means bad, PR-60 and higher means good)

The Negatives

  1. T-for-Teen video game based on a militarily Rated-M time zone of History. In other words, where is the blood and the gore?
  2. More importantly, why can I not choose my victory type? If I want to go to an economic victory, religious victory, cultural victory or scientific victory, why am I only able to do military victory?

The Positives

  1. The music is the best it will ever be in any Total War game!
  2. The historical accuracy is astronomically spot on almost all of the time!
  3. Almost every battlefield General Speech has me laughing over this video game!
  4. Every faction has a special troop type and a different gaming style.
  5. Six different kinds of Agents in the campaign maps: Princess, Assassin, Spy, Merchant, Preacher (referred to as Priest or Imam depending on faction), and Emissary (for diplomacy)
  6. Merchants allow you to grow your economy by simply putting them atop a resource on the map. They can also put enemy merchants out of commerce and do Free Trade with allied merchants
  7. Emissaries have you being able to negotiate treaties directly with other factions, such as Ceasefires and Trade Deals
  8. Priests and Imams allow you to spread your faction’s official religion to other settlements in foreign territory.
  9. Spies allow you conduct surveillance of other factions and figure out what your neighbors are up to without them knowing until next turn
  10. Princesses allow you to get foreign generals marrying citizens of your faction so that you can control other factions’ destinies in the long run
  11. Assassins allow you to have specific generals and agents of other factions torn down so that enemy factions are less functional on the map!
  12. There are various in-game mini-movies that truly bring the in-game events to life
  13. Five different versions of the game in one package: Grand, Americas, Britannia, Crusades and Teutonic
  14. Grand Campaign lets you campaign through all of Europe, West Asia and North Africa, regardless of faction you play as
  15. Americas lets you opt to play as Native North American tribes and Native South American Empires
  16. Britannia has you focused on the British Isles of Britain and Ireland, there is even an Ireland faction I cannot fairly speak my mind about because I have not played it. Yet.
  17. Crusades puts you in the Fertile Crescent so you can play as an expanded version of Byzantine Greece, Ayyubid Egypt and/or Seljuk Turkey; or two Crusades exclusive factions – Antioch and/or Jerusalem
  18. Teutonic focuses on the Norse factions over in Scandinavia! Any Viking fans will call this variant their favorite strategy game
  19. When some General in your faction dies in campaign, there is a clear and present heir to replace him.
  20. There is a Period setting wherein you can decide whether to fight a battle in the Early, High, or Late Medieval periods!
  21. There is a Time Of Day setting letting you decide whether it is a Sunrise, Morning, Midday, Sunset, Evening, or Night battle, I am probably forgetting other Time Of Day settings.
  22. Naval Battles are possible in any of the five campaign modes! Admirals are very helpful when they have large armies behind them
  23. The Grand Campaign offers plenty of challenge, you will see indeed enough large armies and large garrisons to go round.
  24. You get to tell you own story as any one of numerous factions by playing campaign
  25. The AI is the best it was or will be in any Total War Game
  26. You can see fight animations and clearly define how certain troop types fight!
  27. Siege Battles, City Battles, and more are possible with the Settlement setting in Custom Battles, for there are both castles and cities
  28. Difference between Cities and Castles is clearly programmed into campaign, as Cities are more economic and cultural while Castles are more militarily based
  29. Beautiful Graphics all around, especially on the highest settings
  30. Best balance of challenge and playability of any Total War game to date!
  31. Monster Bombards are very enjoyable, even though they take forever to reload, and only my favorite faction (Seljuk Turkey) has them!
  32. Voice acting makes the game truly feel like Medieval Times
  33. Twenty or more playable factions, including expanded versions of factions from Grand.
  34. Most are playable in Grand Campaign, and most of the playable ones can be unlocked all at once by beating a campaign
  35. There is a setting for Campaign Rules for “Long” or “Short”

Final Verdict

The rating I slap onto Medieval II Total War is a PR-95! The best game there will ever be! If you own a Windows computer, BUY IT! If you own an Apple computer, COUPLE IT WITH WINDOWS 8 IN A PURCHASE! Don’t worry about needing Steam, just buy it by buying a Steam Wallet card! Thank you for reading this review,


Defining Real Crime

Today at work around midday I witnessed a real crime, specifically the property crime of vandalism. Someone spray painted some carpet owned by my employer and fled, and next thing I know the police are asking me if someone spray painted the building, and I am honest with them and clarify that this criminal spray painted some carpet outside the building.

These events inspired me to post here today about how to define a real crime.

“Real Crime” and “crime” on this website, as of this post, is defined as “a violent crime and/or property crime, basically a willfully invasive behavior”.

So let us start with property crime, given my story at the beginning. Property Crime is basically willfully invasive violations of someone else’s property. Property Crime examples are as follows:

  1. Theft
  2. Arson
  3. Robbery
  4. Burglary
  5. Vandalism (what happened at my work place today)
  6. Shoplifting
  7. Larceny
  8. Hijacking (vehicle theft)

Property crime is often done stealthily, which is why we need police to be vigilant until they notice someone committing one of the above. We also need upstanding citizens who voluntarily call a property criminal out on his or her property crime. Property crime is easily a terrible behavioral investment.

The other kind of Real Crime is violent crime. Violent crime is willfully invasive violations of one or more individuals. Violent crime examples are as follows:

  1. Homicide
  2. Murder
  3. Manslaughter
  4. Assault
  5. Rape and/or other Sexual Violence
  6. Robbery
  7. Negligence
  8. Endangerment
  9. Kidnapping
  10. Extortion (Obtaining something through Coercion)
  11. Harassment

Violent crime, as far as I am concerned, are an even worse behavioral investment than property crimes. Naturally, property criminals are impulsive, irritable, thoughtless bullies, and then violent criminals are all a worse kind of spiteful bully – primitive, barbaric, savage bullies. The worst in my mind are the sexually violent criminals, for a very long list of reasons I will discuss in a near-future post. In the mean time though let us conclude with discussion on how science can better solve both kinds of Real Crime:

We need forensic scientists to have memory scan technologies to immediately ferret out the actual perpetrator on top of other forensic sciences, then we need to punish the criminal according to the severity and the intentions of his or her crime.

Thank you all for reading,


Pro-Green Post

If it was not evident when I listed Green Conservatism and Green Libertarianism as Moderately Right Leaning ideologies in my post “The Center Right”, then it should be evident when I do this entire post that I am only pro-green in the sense of rational, Free-Market incentives for such actions as replacing factory farms with free range farms and/or replacing coal, oil and gas with such Green fuels as wind, solar, hydro, nuclear and geothermal.

This particular brand of being pro-Green was first thought up by Theodore Roosevelt when the time came for him to address the then issues faced by Natural Parks. His solution to the problems at the time: Incentivize the Park owners to preserve and protect the parks without resorting to restrictions.

Green Fuels and Global Warming issue

Today, I can think of a rational, Capitalistic way to solve the self evident issue of global warming: Provide scientific & capitalistic incentives for the energy industry to voluntarily replace fossil fuels with green fuels – no regulation needed.

Regarding foreign oil, one big way to clean up the environment would be to not only 100% boycott Saudi and other West Asian & North African Oil, but also to buy and sell green energy supplies to and from fellow Free-Trading Liberty Republics (i.e. Israel, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Germany, basically fellow OECD member-states). This means allowing the energy industry of America to import and export any kind of green fuels they wish to, but no fossil fuels.

Free Range Farming and Animal Conservation

Cows, pigs and sheep all succeed astronomically under management by the idea of Free Range farming. And feel free to ask how they are succeeding and at what if we are eating them (beef, pork, mutton). Well, this is because free range farming allows them to succeed at reproduction and evolution without any animal cruelty. To prove my point:

  1. Cattle have been domestic product for 10,500 years and because of the eighty farmers of the time there are now 1,300,000,000 cows on Earth as of 12 years ago, more than that this year.
  2. Pigs have been domestic product for about 13,000 years, and there are 1,000,000,000 pigs around as a result.
  3. Sheep have been products for 8,000 years, in such time there have come to be more sheep then pigs on the planet, minimum of 1,000,000,000.

And meat eating is not the only idea to have lead animals to reproduce in the billions. Some pigs are kept as pets. Horses number 100,000,000 due to keeping of them as pets for 4,000 years. The pet cat’s global population exceeds 600,000,000.

Meanwhile, there are indubitably 4,000 tigers, and 1,600 pandas, to name but two of the various endangered species of Earth. So (in example) the reason that little cats outnumber big cats exactly 150,000 to 1 is because We the People prefer those of cats we can actually fit into our actual houses.

This means we need to domesticate & Free Range Farm all currently endangered species at the rate we do for cats and horses and such so that they can come off the endangered species list, maybe we will even have Tigers at a world population of 400,000,000 much like how little cats number 600,000,000. And don’t worry about cruel farming practices, just provide rational, scientific and capitalistic incentives for free range faming!

Thank you all for reading,


The Center Right

Hello. I am here to clarify that there is a difference between Center Right and Far Right, just like there is a difference between Far Left and Center Left.

The Far Right and Far Left, just so we are clear, are morally identical to me, that is, they represent behaviorally exactly why I prefer the Nolan Chart over the traditional left-right axiom. On the Nolan Chart I am “Center-North”, meaning I fit in the bottom portion of the “libertarian” region of that chart.

In other words, I am more “Center-North” than “Center-Right”, in terms of political ID.

However I find more sensible people in the Center Right on Defense Policy than I find in the Center North. But I will say this about the North Wing: at least they do not call for appeasement of and surrender to blatantly clear enemies like the Center Left call for. Instead most fellow North-Wingers call for one’s nation to have a Free-Trade-with-all-nations-until-one-attacks-us policy (i.e. Libertarian Party foreign policy)

What is the Center Right?

The Center right, in my own words, are the people of Earth who value Liberty to an extent of wanting all of our species to share in the bounty we know as liberty. This makes the Center Right the extreme opposite of the Far right when it comes to right-wing variants, for the Far Right favors religious tyranny at its core.

Center-Right ideologies (star next to ones I identify with)


  1. Liberal Conservatism (classical liberal & classical conservative hybrid)
  2. Libertarian Conservatism (libertarian economics, mixed lib/con stances elsewhere)
  3. Fiscal Conservatism (emphasis on avoiding deficits and keeping taxes sensible)
  4. Social Conservatism (trust of government backing of social norms to preserve both personal and economic freedom)
  5. Green Conservatism (support for preserving environment and/or conserving species. ConservAmerica is a fine example of a Green Conservative PAC)
  6. Neo Conservatism (support for Wilsonian foreign policy, as in ending Far-Left and Far-Right regimes outside of one’s nation to focus on spreading Democracy)
  7. Paleo Conservatism (belief in maintaining isolationist foreign policy, closed borders, religious minimal statism, and abstinence from Free Trade)


  1. Anarchism (belief in having no government at all)
  2. Free Market Anarchism (same as 1 but with belief in Capitalism)
  3. Geo Libertarianism (belief in all individuals having identical rights to natural resources)
  4. Paleo Libertarianism (hostility to government intervention and to classically liberal social tenets)
  5. Green Libertarianism (hybrid belief in Green economics and Libertarian economics)
  6. Minimal Statism* (belief in a very, very small government)
  7. Neo Libertarianism* (support for Wilsonian foreign policy, as in ending Far-Left and Far-Right regimes outside of one’s nation to focus on spreading Capitalism)
  8. Green Anarchism (Free market anarchism and Green libertarianism hybrid)

In total, there are fifteen different major variants of Center-Right that (I suspect) can be called out on their political ID globally. I say “I suspect” because being a future Zoologist means I refuse to pretend to know everything.

Records on Freedom

Having defeated the Ottoman Empire, the Nazi Reich, Mussolini’s Kingdom, General Tojo’s Empire, the Soviet Union, the Taliban regime, Saddam’s Babylonian Empire reincarnation, and Gaddafi’s regime; Today’s OECD nations and their historic and present “Center-Right” citizens are, it appears to me, the greatest defenders of Liberty possible. The “International Democrat Union” is a beacon of the political parties that know, in most part, how species Homo Sapiens (that’s us) works in the head, the parties of refusing to pretend to know everything, the parties of being optimistic and clever about the permanent destruction of Big Genocide and of Big Famine.

Center-Left party platforms lead the way to civil rights at home, but have no clue how fiscal rights work and also are putrid abroad. It is the Center-right Party of your nation to go for clever ideas and optimism against Big Tyranny, for robust national defense, and in this country in particular it’s where to go for larger commitment to Free Speech and Freedom of Internet. Here, the Center Right are mostly more passionate about being against censorship than the Politically Correct people of the Center Left.

That settles the difference between major Center Left Parties and major Center Right parties. I am an optimist who very much wants every human being on the planet to have legally unlimited access to True Zoology, Fantasy literature, Freedom of Diet, Freedom of Fashion, Modern Rock bands, Honest Education, and Secular ideologies like Deism. This is how the Center Left major parties have nothing to offer me in terms of my simply-placed principles. Democrats and other Center Left parties tell me that Big Tyranny must be appeased, and that anyone who says otherwise or even questions this notion is an obsessive misogynist, homophobe, racist, secret Christian and/or whatever. The Center Right major parties however offer me hopeful and tactical ideas as to how to defeat Authoritarianism forever. How to go about guaranteeing people the ability to engage in True Science. I have had more acknowledgement of my Middle Ground Libertarian nature from Center Right people than I have gotten out of Center Left people.

This is all I have to say for now

Thank you all,


If I could only choose between two

Welcome to a politics post about if I had to participate in Bipartisan politics in order to have a say in anything that goes on in this nation of America.

Bipartisan in America means either Democrat or Republican, ignoring Third Parties and the Unaffiliated.

Those of you who read my content know me I am not a tremendously blind follower of either party.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions, I have taken the I Side With politics Quiz and it tells me I am about 88% Libertarian Party, 68% Republican and 25% Democrat. And this should come as no surprise seeing that:

  1. I despise Affirmative Action for teaching people to rely on their religious or other minority status to get ahead instead of relying on their individual talents, along with 19% of Democrats and 75% of Republicans
  2. I am very supportive of Israel, along with 41% of Democrats and 80% of Republicans
  3. I am very in favor of eradicating ISIS, along with 36% of Democrats and 71% of Republicans
  4. I am in favor of keeping the US Military strong, along with 29% of Democrats and 83% of Republicans
  5. I oppose the UN and call for us to replace them with more OECD influence as a world forum, along with, no joke, 0% of Democrats and 6% of Republicans
  6. I support replacing the IRS and all income taxes with the national sales tax of the FairTax, along with 0% of Democrats and 3% of Republicans
  7. I want the government to exterminate the Deficit, along with 32% of Democrats and 96% of Republicans
  8. I believe very wholesale in the Gold Standard replacing the Federal Reserve, along with 0% of Democrats and 2% of Republicans
  9. I believe people should be allowed to depict whatever historic figures or fictional characters they choose, along with 64% of Democrats and 74% of Republicans
  10. I believe in progressive imperialism, along with 18% of Democrats and 32% of Republicans.
  11. I oppose nationalizing education, along with 34% of Democrats and 74% of Republicans.

I can go on for a while about what common ground I have with either party and by what margins, but I choose to leave it off here and remind everyone I do not blindly follow the GOP, for examples:

  1. I know evolution is a fact, but only a third (35%) of the GOP agrees with me
  2. I know Stem Cell research is a good thing, but only 41% of the GOP agrees with me on stem cells
  3. I know Global Warming is a threat to the environment but only a fifth (20%) is on my side of this issue
  4. I know the right thing to do with Same Sex Marriage is to legalize it but only a fifth (20%) of the GOP stands with me
  5. I am Pro-choice as in let the woman follow her choice as long as she pays for it out of pocket and as long as taxes and government are not involved, but only almost a quarter (24%) agree with me
  6. I believe in restoring the Deistic secularism of our founding fathers to the public sphere, but an embarrassingly tiny 3% of Republicans agree with me.

I must say I even despise the party on the issue of Sex Ed – I believe in Comprehensive, while most of the party makes the marked mistake of believing in Abstinence Only.

So, I currently live in southern New England, but when I move to the southern Morrison Formation I will register to vote as Republican and I will commit some of my time to participating in the following GOP NGOs:

  1. The Anti-Misogyny NGO called Majority for Choice
  2. The Anti-Homophobia NGO called Log Cabin
  3. The Pro-Science and Pro-Green NGO called ConservAmerica

So, to conclude, I do not blindly follow any Party. But I do lean slightly GOP. Thank you all for not judging,


Arguments for Deism

Okay, I have nothing against people embracing other viewpoints besides Deism. Whether it is Atheism, Agnosticism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, none of those world-views bother me. But I want to put forth some logic-driven arguments for Deism:

  1. Deism is only the creation of the universe, simply put it is the idea that a god or goddess made the universe but did not, does not and will not take part in the events of the universe. As such Deism has the room for real sciences like Evolution and Climate change that religion lacks any realistic space for.
  2. There is only one absolute in Deism: that the universe is the result of a god that can only be accurately interpreted by observation of nature and/or use of reason
  3. God in deism appears to have no personality and no gender precisely because deism is the god-belief about refusing to pretend to know everything about God.
  4. Deism is not about cherry picking from a holy book or from Clergy speeches, rather the morals and/or ethics of a deist stem from a concept called “empathy”, a commonsense perception of good and evil that is based on sharing of feelings with another. Now, empathy can simultaneously be a Deistic and Atheistic source of morals because it is about reading one’s cues as opposed to the impossible task of reading one’s mind. As such when we preach “treat others as you want to be treated”, we practice it all the time
  5. My fellow deists and I know that whether greed is good or bad is dependent on how it is used, on one hand it can prove itself good by expanding science and/or economics, on the other it can prove itself bad by having one person hoard all the food on his or her property, for example.
  6. No religious or holy book is being honest when it is claiming to be the literal word of any deity, be it Allah, Jesus, Shiva or other deity. Instead one must rely on nature and reason to learn one cannot pretend to know everything about God, but rather only two things – that a god made our universe, that this god is eternally inactive in its internal events
  7. Morality is an absolute in Deism, for empathy tells us that violent crimes like murder and rape are sick and twisted, it also tells us that property crimes like vandalism and arson are sick and twisted. Meanwhile, there exist religious verses that actively endorse select violent crimes and call for use of endorsed violent crimes to punish property crimes. I am not saying that all religious people believe in them, this is purely an observation of… well, two holy books (Bible and Koran)
  8. Unlike Gods of Religions, the subjective god portrayed by deism does not involve itself in the affairs of different nations let alone tell nations to assault others. Any warrior who has an empathic brain can tell it is wrong to attack civilians, even in battle. Meanwhile, Holy “warriors” of God believe in attacking civilians, whether by swift death or by, like the Aztecs did, sacrificing them to various Gods.
  9. The deity portrayed by Deism does not belong to anyone. It has its divine sovereignty, and each human has his or her own personal sovereignty.
  10. Deists cannot point to voices in their heads telling them to do something, the only voices stored in a Deist brain, at least in mine, is one memorized from video game, movie, or other source of hearing a particular voice.
  11. My fellow Deists and I are very appreciative of religious diversity, but we choose not to claim to have revelations, let alone out of holy books.
  12. Did you know that the Founding Fathers behind America and the US Military were Deists? Along with such folks as Adam Smith and John Locke who influenced them? That means that being Deist leaves room in the brain for one to embrace game-changing ideals like Science, Lifestyle Liberty, and Capitalism.
  13. Most deists, including myself, believe in ending animal cruelty. However, as a carnivore I can guarantee you eating meat does not endanger species – domestication and farming of chickens for examples has them outnumbering us 4 to 1 as of the year of 2003 AD.
  14. In the history of reality, Deists in the Medieval World had no interest at all in carrying out (or even endorsing) the Fez Massacre of 1033 AD. We the Deists refused and still refuse to ever have a Millennium-old Slave Trade. In fact, Thomas Jefferson proved we would much rather declare war on slavery than engage in it. Deists had no interest at all in annihilating Greek culture from the Sahara. Deists like me also despised (and still despise) the very idea of persecuting Zoroastrians on their own properties. Us deists had nothing to do with the medieval genocide of Hindus in their own homeland. We hate the very idea of slave trading pirates. So after naming all of the above Religious atrocities and the war we waged on one of them, I would say us Deists are infinitely more Moral than Religious Literalists.
  15. Us deists do not pray precisely because taking real action to stand up for ourselves and/or our fellow humans has proven to be the useful route of the two. Hence we the Deists invented the Right To Keep And Bear (hand-held) Arms via the Second Amendment. But let’s stick to discussing Deism, though. We would rather take direct action than pray for things to go our way, this way problems are actually solved. However we do respect the right people to pray to whomever they wish to pray to, and we allow people to not pray at all. Hence we find Atheists respectable in this sense.

Thank you all for reading these,


First Update on Comics

Well, it appears I may have to divert to Amazon for printer ink, as printing full color comic pages and black-&-white novel pages will cost me 4 cents per page and 3 cents per page respectively, if I buy ink from Amazon.

Yes, I am going to do novelizations of my own comics for people who would rather tap into my Alternate Early Cretaceous through novels. But I am still doing this fictional universe as comics.

I am not going to give away any plot points, I just need to spend some time using Good Story Telling to develop my characters.

I can tell you I have drawn concept arts of the villain/title character, his banner, and his established military guys. I have also done concept arts of the five protagonists, all female fairy witches the size of humans (yes, fairies are the size of human beings in this fictional universe)

So it is a Fantasy setting with Humans, Fairies, Elves, Dwarves, Vampires and Gnomes as well as “anthro” versions of the following: eagles, toucans, lizards, turtles (no, nothing like the Ninja Turtles), true frogs (family Ranidae), and true toads (family Bufonidae)

Thank you all for reading this update,


My Thoughts on Epic Rap Battles (of history)

What do you all think of the Epic Rap Battles of History?

Thank you all,


My brain according to “I Side With Dot Com”

Hello folks. This post is designed to popularize a website: I Side With, a site of several political polls and a quiz based on half of them or less (kind of odd, right?).

Yes, the above link is the lead to the site.

That is all tonight. Tomorrow sees me take my all of my interests (including but not limited to politics) to YouTube. Thank you all,