After taking the GOP “straw survey”

Oh hi. Let me clarify I refuse to affiliate with any political party at all for the same reason I refuse to affiliate with any religion at all.

  1. I absolutely cannot stand the Conservatives of the Republican Party
  2. I cannot stand the Liberals of the Democrat party
  3. I cannot bare with the War-Doves and Anarchists of the Libertarian Party

They all DISGUST ME! Above are the three reasons I am a Nonpartisan voter.

Now that we are clear, why I took the Republicans’ “Straw survey” on their official site is clear: I wanted to be heard on only wanting Wayne Allyn Root to ever be 45th President of America (current president Obama is #44). I can honestly say I am proud to have carved my stubborn determination to make Wayne Root the next president into a copy of their survey (no, not literally “carved”. That’s metaphoric for when [in this case] I type in something I know will be and am proud to call “permanent”)

The survey “thank you” page had the audacity to ask me for money and call me a “committed conservative”. Why I held in all of my anger at that lie is beyond me – I am pretty hopeful that Red Meat and/or women with black hair and blue eyes must have been involved in my inner monologue.

It enrages me to a point where I must do a giant post after this one about who I am politically and a smaller giant post about why Wayne Allyn Root. And don’t worry about my personal word choices, I will keep it intellectual like I keep every public speech of mine (as of turning 20, my current age in years). Thanks for the read



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