Arguments for Deism

Okay, I have nothing against people embracing other viewpoints besides Deism. Whether it is Atheism, Agnosticism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, none of those world-views bother me. But I want to put forth some logic-driven arguments for Deism:

  1. Deism is only the creation of the universe, simply put it is the idea that a god or goddess made the universe but did not, does not and will not take part in the events of the universe. As such Deism has the room for real sciences like Evolution and Climate change that religion lacks any realistic space for.
  2. There is only one absolute in Deism: that the universe is the result of a god that can only be accurately interpreted by observation of nature and/or use of reason
  3. God in deism appears to have no personality and no gender precisely because deism is the god-belief about refusing to pretend to know everything about God.
  4. Deism is not about cherry picking from a holy book or from Clergy speeches, rather the morals and/or ethics of a deist stem from a concept called “empathy”, a commonsense perception of good and evil that is based on sharing of feelings with another. Now, empathy can simultaneously be a Deistic and Atheistic source of morals because it is about reading one’s cues as opposed to the impossible task of reading one’s mind. As such when we preach “treat others as you want to be treated”, we practice it all the time
  5. My fellow deists and I know that whether greed is good or bad is dependent on how it is used, on one hand it can prove itself good by expanding science and/or economics, on the other it can prove itself bad by having one person hoard all the food on his or her property, for example.
  6. No religious or holy book is being honest when it is claiming to be the literal word of any deity, be it Allah, Jesus, Shiva or other deity. Instead one must rely on nature and reason to learn one cannot pretend to know everything about God, but rather only two things – that a god made our universe, that this god is eternally inactive in its internal events
  7. Morality is an absolute in Deism, for empathy tells us that violent crimes like murder and rape are sick and twisted, it also tells us that property crimes like vandalism and arson are sick and twisted. Meanwhile, there exist religious verses that actively endorse select violent crimes and call for use of endorsed violent crimes to punish property crimes. I am not saying that all religious people believe in them, this is purely an observation of… well, two holy books (Bible and Koran)
  8. Unlike Gods of Religions, the subjective god portrayed by deism does not involve itself in the affairs of different nations let alone tell nations to assault others. Any warrior who has an empathic brain can tell it is wrong to attack civilians, even in battle. Meanwhile, Holy “warriors” of God believe in attacking civilians, whether by swift death or by, like the Aztecs did, sacrificing them to various Gods.
  9. The deity portrayed by Deism does not belong to anyone. It has its divine sovereignty, and each human has his or her own personal sovereignty.
  10. Deists cannot point to voices in their heads telling them to do something, the only voices stored in a Deist brain, at least in mine, is one memorized from video game, movie, or other source of hearing a particular voice.
  11. My fellow Deists and I are very appreciative of religious diversity, but we choose not to claim to have revelations, let alone out of holy books.
  12. Did you know that the Founding Fathers behind America and the US Military were Deists? Along with such folks as Adam Smith and John Locke who influenced them? That means that being Deist leaves room in the brain for one to embrace game-changing ideals like Science, Lifestyle Liberty, and Capitalism.
  13. Most deists, including myself, believe in ending animal cruelty. However, as a carnivore I can guarantee you eating meat does not endanger species – domestication and farming of chickens for examples has them outnumbering us 4 to 1 as of the year of 2003 AD.
  14. In the history of reality, Deists in the Medieval World had no interest at all in carrying out (or even endorsing) the Fez Massacre of 1033 AD. We the Deists refused and still refuse to ever have a Millennium-old Slave Trade. In fact, Thomas Jefferson proved we would much rather declare war on slavery than engage in it. Deists had no interest at all in annihilating Greek culture from the Sahara. Deists like me also despised (and still despise) the very idea of persecuting Zoroastrians on their own properties. Us deists had nothing to do with the medieval genocide of Hindus in their own homeland. We hate the very idea of slave trading pirates. So after naming all of the above Religious atrocities and the war we waged on one of them, I would say us Deists are infinitely more Moral than Religious Literalists.
  15. Us deists do not pray precisely because taking real action to stand up for ourselves and/or our fellow humans has proven to be the useful route of the two. Hence we the Deists invented the Right To Keep And Bear (hand-held) Arms via the Second Amendment. But let’s stick to discussing Deism, though. We would rather take direct action than pray for things to go our way, this way problems are actually solved. However we do respect the right people to pray to whomever they wish to pray to, and we allow people to not pray at all. Hence we find Atheists respectable in this sense.

Thank you all for reading these,



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