First Update on Comics

Well, it appears I may have to divert to Amazon for printer ink, as printing full color comic pages and black-&-white novel pages will cost me 4 cents per page and 3 cents per page respectively, if I buy ink from Amazon.

Yes, I am going to do novelizations of my own comics for people who would rather tap into my Alternate Early Cretaceous through novels. But I am still doing this fictional universe as comics.

I am not going to give away any plot points, I just need to spend some time using Good Story Telling to develop my characters.

I can tell you I have drawn concept arts of the villain/title character, his banner, and his established military guys. I have also done concept arts of the five protagonists, all female fairy witches the size of humans (yes, fairies are the size of human beings in this fictional universe)

So it is a Fantasy setting with Humans, Fairies, Elves, Dwarves, Vampires and Gnomes as well as “anthro” versions of the following: eagles, toucans, lizards, turtles (no, nothing like the Ninja Turtles), true frogs (family Ranidae), and true toads (family Bufonidae)

Thank you all for reading this update,



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