Briefing on Pet Ownership

Let me let people know that if there is any pet I am more interested in than a Cane Toad – it is an American Bobtail Cat. In fact, I want to be able to keep both a Cane Toad and an American Bobtail Cat in the same house when I get take my independence to its ultimatum, which will be some time after my Dark Fantasy fictional universe (Thertia) kicks off.

Which brings me to Pets. I love owning pets, especially cats. I just love how playful most of them are and I love the sounds they make to get attention! Secondly, we come to… well, specifically Cane Toads. I love how their diet is the anarchy of diets – it is endlessly entertaining, they will eat anything, from kibbles to live bugs and even live rodents! I could just buy Cat food for both my Toad and my Cat!

And then we come to Pet Ownership laws. They are useless scumbag laws that meet the criteria of Nanny Laws. I want the only restrictions on Pet Ownership to be Laws Against Animal Cruelty! In fact that would be a law changing in the correct direction for… any OECD economy! America’s economy included.

I have done some very beneficial research into both kinds of animal care, and I know from that research what to do. Considering I wish to be the sort of Zoologist that hand crafts Zoo keeping and Pet keeping supplies, I am convinced that keeping both a Cat and a Toad in the same house would be great practice for me while I get college education, provided government keeps its filthy claws out of my Pet Keeping rights. Thank you all,



My Idea of Fiscal Responsibility

Hello everyone. I want to prevent false rumors from coming up about what my idea of “Fiscal Responsibility” by posting on here, my official website, about what I mean when I say I want government to be “Fiscally Responsible”.

Firstly, let us talk of what I say should fuel the government. I want them to stop thieving away a fifth of my Earned Dollars that for now I only earn by being a benevolent, professional and elite worker for the front of my local grocery store! Instead the right way for government to be Tax funded is through a National Sales Tax, perhaps keep it low at something like 10%, maybe 15%.

Now we can talk about Fiscal Responsibility. I want them to end both social welfare and corporate welfare spending, I want them to obliterate all the 88,000 agency-issued restrictions that make it tough to legally sell anything, as would make organically flowing cuts to the $18,000,000,000,000 Public Debt. I want them to lower the debt ceiling to a point of eliminating the debt, I want them to stop forcing on new laws that have nothing to do with Payment By Achievement. I want the government to stop throwing away our money on the needless Drug War, and I want them to instead raise the salaries of Scientists, from Astrophysicists to Zoologists to Forensic Scientists, and I want them to use funds for speeding up scientific progress. I want the government to eliminate the militarization of Police and I want them to stop spending on FCC and other sources of censorship, and I want the government to rebuild their police cars to make it very obvious that they are in fact police cars, and I demand ultimate transparency, and I want the Lobbyist scum out of this entire country. I want the government to stop giving foreign aid to countries that are not fellow members of OECD, and I want all UN funding to be instead used for OECD funding. I want them to stop allowing Nanny Law agencies like DEA and FDA and USDA to exist, and I want them to quit funding the garbage we call Abstinence-only organizations.

In fact, I have put up with Religion’s unreasonable nonsense (Oppressive structuring and Victim Blaming of Women and of people like me who have Aspergers) all throughout my life – its time the government taxed the two prime sources of the behaviors in brackets in the following ways:

  1. Tax Churches and spend the tax money on Real Science teachings like Evolution and Comprehensive (aka Abstinence Plus)
  2. Tax Mosques and spend the tax money on using the Military for the Toppling of Salafi and Wahhabi Dictatorship Empires around the world

I think that about wraps up my belief about Fiscally Responsible. We can talk about Deficit vs Surplus much later, after I have done some Non-political posts, if you want. Thank you all,


Global Warming Good and Global Poisoning Bad

Gods, Kings and Sultans. Quite a random first words, I agree. Nothing wrong with being random, but everything wrong with being stupid, as anyone who opposes what I guess I’d call “man made global warming” is, hear me out on why:

My part of America, the Northeast, is suffering such record colds that it is snowing for the first three days of Spring! Quite an outrage, right? This is a post about Climate Change, as I hope you already detected, but I have some propositions about it:

  1. Climate Change does exist
  2. Most Climate Change is man made
  3. There is a Good Climate Change and a Bad Climate Change
  4. Global Warming good, Global Cooling bad!

I am very well aware I did a Pro-Green post here, offering ideas about how to curb climate change without restrictions. Well, I have changed my mind thanks to this weekend of snow storms! And the record cold. Easily infallible source material to shed my hostility to Man Made Global Warming! People like me who believe in Freedom and Liberty should be rejoicing in man made global warming, not denying that it is real! I am not going to pretend to know everything about climate change, because of course that is not my field of science. I am a man of science for not pretending to know everything and for advocating Pure Free Expression, but I am not exactly a Scientist. Yet.

In the mean time though let us celebrate the people who superheat the atmosphere, but perhaps sure we can encourage them to find or invent Non-poisonous ways of maintaining or speeding up atmospheric superheat, or I’m sorry, Global Warming. As for the Polar Bears, that issue is what Rational, Capitalistic Incentives for Free Range Farming, as opposed to Factory Farming, are for! Let people keep these beings as Pets if they wish to, for example! I can go on for ever about example of how we can Save the Polar Bears without Ending Global Warming, but let us stay focused on the Climate Change and how it impacts weather here.

Anyone who is sick of the Snow, which by the way is overstaying its welcome, hear me well: We must push our resources to superheating the atmosphere without poisoning it. Because the Heat is the Hero, its the Poisoning that just so happens to be the villain. And unfortunately, the two are often forced by fossil fuel to mix, however I am confident in our species being able to Unearth ways to maintain/expand heating in a way that exterminates poisoning! Why? Because I am a Full-time, Eternal Optimist! I have a lot of trust in various innovators among my fellow mammalians of Homo Sapiens, I trust many of them to use their skills wisely. Especially my female kin, because I will say it probably several times – The Vast Majority Of Women Are Good People And The Ones Who Are Not Choose Not To Be. Thank you all,


Mtn Dew Game Fuel Lemonade Review

Oh hi. I have decided out of boredom of not posting reviews here in a while to review the Mountain Dew Game Fuel with the flavor of Lemonade to it.

Now, when I bought the stuff with my week’s groceries yesterday I was expecting exactly what I ended up getting – lemonade flavored Dew. But then tonight I poured it into a glass and… it is literally lemonade with soda carbonation and typical Mountain Dew style of morale-boosting! Here is the break down:


  1. Okay, I may find it weird that it is lemonade colored but that is not necessarily a bad thing.


  1. Retains the lemonade flavor promised by advertising
  2. Has 74mg caffeine per can, hence the boost of day to day morale
  3. Excellent fuel for desire to play Medieval II Total War
  4. Excellent fuel for desire to play Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
  5. Marvelous at making me think outside “the norm” at faster pace than I spend all of my life thinking outside the norm
  6. Keeps me happy even when watching an “enjoyably bad” film like any of the three Hobbit movies!

Final Verdict:

PR-86. A lovely kind of drink, namely (again, its Lifestyle Liberty season starting today!) at barbecues! Have it with all you favorite venisons, muttons and bacons! Thank you all,


Lifestyle Liberty Season

Is Summer. But can also be Spring. I am posting this because Spring starts in exactly two days. As of this page, “Lifestyle Liberty Season” is a collective term for both Spring and Summer, referring to how much more is possible in the warmth than in the cool.

And yes this is another page illustrating the excellence of Spring and Summer, but through mainly a personal perspective.

Personal Perspective

I vastly enjoy the ability to wear a Disturbed shirt or, very soon in Lifestyle Liberty season, Lamb of God shirts; and go out on my bicycle all over county. Not just town, county. I love being able to go up to some slim woman with black hair, blue eyes and glasses in her late 20’s (I am in my early 20’s myself) and just flirt at her for 59 minutes or something! Especially when they are dressed my favorite way to see them dressed, which I will not discuss publicly. Ever. Do not ask me either because I keep that part of my taste in women secret. All you need to know is I believe women [and my fellow men] should be allowed to dress as they will [in their personal time] during Lifestyle Liberty Season as long as they do not impose their modes of dress on others.

I also rightfully enjoy grilling beef, bacon, sausage, mutton, and even ham on my portable-seeming foreman grill called the “Griddler” from Cuisinart. I’d looooove to grill these things on an outdoor grill in future Lifestyle Liberty Seasons! I will even grill out back in the dark of evenings when warm.

Getting to play Medieval II Total War outdoors is another thing I look forward to, in theory. If I didn’t have to get a whole second computer just for Windows 8.

Best of all though I have to say is the ability to explore reptiles and amphibians just through observation of them. Also, the Markets declare purchasing of toads and turtles as pets to be “in season” during Lifestyle Liberty Season.


So what does Lifestyle Liberty Season enable you to do that you very much enjoy? I would love to know so please let me know in the comment box! Thank you all,


Ground Mutton Talk

Just minutes before beginning to type this post I made a burger out of ground mutton. I have been thinking about eating mutton for a while and I finally do. What do I think?

Its very tasty! Its not as “gamey” as a friend I made at work who runs the meat department experienced it being. My guess is he had mutton in steak form, I’d have to ask him about it though…

In the mean time, I enjoy the flavor of Ground Mutton. I can testify to the fact that the fat cooks out much more noticeably than fat cooks out of ground beef. So, to my taste buds this mutton stuff is a marked improvement over Ground Pork.

If I had to rate Ground Mutton on my PR scale, I would have to make a list of traits [N = negative, P = positive]

  1. Similar tastiness to ground beef [P]
  2. Plenty of protein [P]
  3. Plenty of iron [P]
  4. No bad carbs [P]
  5. No good carbs [N]
  6. Most fats are of the good kinds [P]
  7. Majority daily value of vitamin B [P]

So six good traits out of seven total – that makes a PR-86, an awesome food!

Thank you,


OECD for Global Forum!

Hear me out here. This post is about which organization makes for a good global forum for national governments to consult with each other in.

As I have repetitively said before, I am a Classical Liberal [so basically a Libertarian] who believes in Democratic Peace Thesis and Free Trading Capitalism.

DPT popularizer Rudolph J Rummel believed there should be a multinational, multicultural alliance of only Democracies.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is the ideal multicultural forum for such purposes.

The kind of Classical Liberal I am states the following for foreign policy focus:

  1. A policy of relying mainly on Free Trade and Diplomacy to promote Liberal Democracy and Pure Capitalism and to oppose Dictatorship

Neolibertarians like me can very easily look up to the OECD as a morally good version of the United Nations, who loses its legitimacy to its inclusion of every Authoritarian Tyranny on Earth as members. Plus evidence indicates that the UN listens far more often to tyrannies than to Democracies.

OECD, on the other hand…

…is about nothing but Liberal-Democratic Peace and Market-Economy Prosperity.

The member states of OECD are:

  1. America
  2. Britain
  3. Israel
  4. Sweden
  5. Ireland
  6. France
  7. Germany
  8. Finland
  9. Australia
  10. New Zealand
  11. Canada
  12. Chile
  13. Estonia
  14. Mexico
  15. Turkey
  16. Austria
  17. Denmark
  18. Belgium
  19. Greece
  20. Hungary
  21. Iceland
  22. Italy
  23. Netherlands
  24. Japan
  25. Luxembourg
  26. Switzerland
  27. Norway
  28. Poland
  29. Portugal
  30. Spain
  31. Slovakia
  32. Slovenia
  33. South Korea
  34. Czech Republic

These memberships make OECD the right forum to look to for multinational arrangements because they focus mainly on Economic victories against tyranny, as opposed to military victory like say NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) focuses upon. All 34 of these countries are either Full or Flawed Democracies. Almost all are Free countries and those that aren’t are an Electorally Democratic sort of “Partly Free”, as of Freedom in the World Report.

If anyone living in the Sahara’s latest liberal democracy, Tunisia, is reading this [and please let it sink in]: get your country to join OECD, please and thank you. Your economics will benefit greatly from what you can learn from the OECD principles and meetings.

The only other problem I can see with OECD is that Taiwan is also not a member. Let us give Taiwan major input in this multinational.

To conclude, let me let people know that OECD recognizes countries’ governments for how they treat people while the UN does not. This is why the OECD has moral authority for the globe while UN does not. Thank you for learning about OECD today,


Case Against the Drug War

If there is any war I disapprove of entirely, it is the War on Drugs, and in this post I am going to explain why. I am absolutely not a druggy myself, and I am not even a stoner. I am an intellectual-minded gamer nerd who wishes to keep himself away from drugs, even soft drugs like marijuana. And yet I still oppose the Drug War!

Firstly, the drug war is based almost entirely on emotional superstitions, and has almost no connection to science. I say this because, for example, politicians in both parties will readily make up any random fear about drugs and will make policies that allow needless agencies that should be abolished, like the DEA, to get away with all property crimes and most violent crimes. Here’s an example – ever hear the claim that marijuana leads to violent crime? I have heard it and rejected it every time because current scientists have gathered evidence against this claim.

Secondly, it is an utter waste of tax dollars. Even with the necessary and proper Federal revenue source of National Sales tax replacing national income tax, it would still be a waste of about $500 per second on average. I am not lying, the Drug War costs federal revenue $500 per second, which in annual payment is about $15,250,000,000; more than that.

Thirdly, it militarizes our police and this is bad because it confuses our police with military personnel. And the drawbacks observed for this pointer only get worse form there. See, it motivates our police to abuse their constitutional duties and powers, one police person violated the 14th Amendment by using the violent crime of extortion to try to get an autistic person who was clearly not into drugs to sell drugs to the police person. It also motivates police to commit the following real crimes: extortion, vandalism, [sometimes] murder, assault, breach of property, and theft.

Lastly, and this is my biggest problem, the War on Drugs trains police to read up on the Constitution and consistently violate every Amendment in it’s Bill of Rights. There are those who violate the First Amendment by forcing scientists to “unearth” Pro-Drug War policy ideas, when real science contradicts support for the Drug War. Fourth Amendment Violations by the Drug War include DEA raids without warrant, No-knock searches, and destruction of non-government property. Eighth Amendment violations by the Drug War are all in courts and/or prisons, from “Mandatory Minimum Sentences”, which were criminalized 239 years ago by the 8th amendment; to prisoner abuse being inflicted on Non-violent drug offenders, also a crime for 239 years by now.

I say we legalize cannabis and apply a one-quarter (25%) national sales tax to it, such a higher national sales tax than on other items (one-fifth aka 20% being what I think is fit for national sales tax for most offline purchases). Coupled with legalization, this special NST would bring in new revenues for our GDP and for our Fed to spend on morphing the deficit into a surplus, punishing foreign genocides, expanding scientific progress budgets, improving infrastructure, ballooning teacher salaries, and/or creating on-the-job training programs.

To conclude, I am going to say the Drug War is a waste of time, and canceling it will give us an infinitely lower incarceration rate than we currently have. Thank you,


Young Neo Libs

What does Neo Libs mean in this article? Well, it refers to Libertarians that realize the Democratic Peace Fact as the fact that it is. And no, it does not refer to warmongering super-hawks like Cheney or McCain.

This is an article about how my fellow Millennial Neo Libs and I can save the Republican Party from the invalidation it currently faces a very near future of.

Politically Unclaimed? Or Neolibertarian?

Before I dig into what Millennials generally believe in, let me name a few celebrity Neo Libs. Yes, this is a mix of a call for my fellow Millennials to join me in making up a peaceful, Neo Lib reformation of the GOP; as well as a call for celebrities who have Neo Lib looks on the world but are known for something with nothing to do with politics to lead this reformation. Anyway, Here are the celebrity leader potentials:

  1. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, world builders famous for South Park (proof they are Libertarian) and Team America (proof they agree with the Democratic Peace Thesis). Former GOP voters turned LP voter and non-voter, respectively
  2. Bruce Willis, movie actor who believes in “smaller government, less government intrusion” and that government should “stop [stealing] my money and your money and tax dollars we give them 50 percent of every year”. He also believes in larger police spending, education spending, and self-defense rights as well as a foreign policy that includes siding with fellow Liberal Democracy Israel against Authoritarian State Palestine. (“stealing” in brackets because those are not his exact words). States he is not a Republican but rather apolitical, but supports some GOP-leaning ideologies.
  3. Gene Simmons, classic rocker who adheres to most libertarian principles, while also adhering to the Democratic Peace Thesis (DPT), for the latter claim there is more evidence in his own writings to support. Votes more often Republican than Democrat, self-evidently an Independent at heart.
  4. David Draiman, modern rocker and leader of my ultimate favorite band Disturbed, who I have taken notes of thirteen quotes from a YouTube interview which he spends the middle of discussing his personal politics, one of them (not in exact words) being “Nine in Ten politicians forget why they are elected, and who they work for”. He thankfully has full support for Israel and all its actions in regard to the Arab-Israeli War, indicating a (hopefully) Pro-DPT set of foreign policy beliefs. I will discuss this one’s quotes in another post. But in the mean time I can not give a definite conclusion on how he votes or who he votes most often for in the elections.

Now let us discuss Millennial Politics. Most Millennial politics appear to be somewhat similar to the kind of Libertarian-in-moderation mentality associated with the Neo Libs like myself. Majorities take a mostly typical mix of typical and non-typical libertarian positions on specific policies, according to a Report. Keep in mind, this is a study of people aged 18 to 29, from last year.

  1. 53% of (including myself, I am 20 about to be 21 in May of this year) Millennials would vote for a libertarian minded candidate.
  2. 65% of us want government to cut spending instead of raising the debt ceiling, along with 32% of Democrats and 96% of Republicans
  3. 58% of us want federal income taxes reduced, along with 10% of Democrats and 91% of Republicans (a further 3% of the GOP want national sales tax to replace federal income tax)
  4. 55% of us want federal regulation of business rolled back, along with 6% of Democrats and 99% of Republicans
  5. 66% of us (excluding me as I don’t believe in income taxes of any kind) want higher taxes on richer people
  6. 62% want government to have a job training budget
  7. 58% want government to focus more on infrastructure.
  8. An average of 60% of us prefer concrete policies to limit government over abstract analysis of how abusive government is.
  9. 67% of us are in favor of profit and competition between businesses
  10. 64% of us including me believe in Free Markets
  11. 52% of including me believe in Capitalism
  12. 61% of Millennials believe hard work leads to success, a stark contrast to most Democrats
  13. 57% of us believe in an economy where wealth is given according to achievement
  14. 81% of us are in favor of letting food be sold from food trucks
  15. 72% of us believe in letting retailers sell large sugary drinks
  16. 69% of us believe booze should be permitted
  17. 66% of us believe grocery stores should be allowed to utilize plastic bags
  18. 62% of us support letting trans fat foods be permitted
  19. 61% of us are in favor of letting consenting adult porn be available to adults.
  20. 60% of us believe in keeping E-cigarettes legal
  21. 58% of us believe the legalization of online gambling will benefit us by creating a new source of GDP for our economy and a new tax revenue source for our government
  22. 57% of us support legalization (possibly also taxation) of marijuana
  23. 49% of us support legalizing Bit Coin and all foreign currencies, a smaller minority (45%) are against such legalizations
  24. 73% of us support keeping hard drugs like cocaine illegal, favoring increased government devotion to keeping it out of America
  25. 66% of us hold that the government telling you through a constitutional amendment who can marry who is absurd, 54% of Millennial Republicans in particular agree that such a restriction is absurd.
  26. 52% of us believe in repealing or at least reducing the Drinking Age
  27. 72% believe in raising the national minimum wage to $10 per hour
  28. 68% believe in a “Living Wage” for minimum wage
  29. 54% believe in government guarantee of college education
  30. 69% believe in government guarantee of health insurance
  31. More Millennials believe in keeping government out of income gaps (48%) than in getting government involved (45%)

All of the above is from the Report on Millennials in 2014. Using polling data on issues not covered by Reason, and using “some college” as for Millennials:

  1. Financial Regulation; 67% believe America should not have bailed out the banks in the crisis of 2008
  2. Free Speech; 73% give a Yes answer to support for Free Expression, along with 64% of Democrats and 74% of Republicans
  3. Internet; 84% give a No answer to government regulation of the Internet, meaning that most do not want FCC or other government agencies controlling the web
  4. Israel; 62% of my fellow Millennials and I are actively Pro-Israel, supportive of it against the Authoritarian regimes it is surrounded by
  5. War on ISIS; 54% of us are in favor of waging war on ISIS
  6. Military Spending; 63% of us oppose military budget cuts as we know they would weaken America’s national defense
  7. Foreign Intervention; of all the possible full-sentence answers to the Foreign Intervention question, the most popular one amongst us is “Only in matters of National Security and/or Human Rights Violations”, taking the biggest piece of the pie graph out of all multi-word answers at 23%. The full sentence answer of “Only if there’s a direct threat to our national security” is second at 15% of us Millennials.
  8. ISIS Air Strikes; Out of us Millennials, 69% of us support launching air strikes against ISIS
  9. Evolution; 64% of us Millennials, especially me, believe in the Biological Fact of current animals having evolved over millions of years from prehistoric animals.
  10. Space Exploration; 53% of us believe in escalating NASA and other science agency efforts and budgets
  11. Stem Cells; 72% of my fellow Millennials and I believe in funding Stem Cell research.
  12. Patriot Act; Lastly, 54% of us support the Patriot Act, including a fifth of us who want Patriot Act powers to be limited.

So, Millennials can be seen as politically unclaimed, sure. But with multiple reliable politics sites being factored in, I say that majorities of Millennials share political beliefs (except for maybe in the poll of foreign intervention) that can be most accurately claimed as Neolibertarian.

If the Republican Party reforms its party platform to cater to Millennials and to let proper Non-political celebrity leaders lead them, then I say the GOP can make an adequate comeback. I am not denying the utter stupidity of Super-Christian Far-Right liars like Kent Hovind and Ray Comfort, but they have been the face of the GOP for far too long! Instead in these 2016 elections coming up, the Center-Right, “apolitical” celebs like Bruce Willis and Gene Simmons need to the face of the GOP and they will be the new face of the GOP. In other words, there needs to be a Neolibertarian reformation of the GOP and there will be such a reformation. You can discuss all you want whether Millennials generally are Democratic Peace Thesis generation or if they are completely Unclaimed. As for me my input on the discussion ends at this part of this post. Thank you for hearing me out,