The Net Neutrality Issue

I love the internet. I can come here and express many ideas about Deism and Classical Liberalism and this and that. I can also intellectually review video games and mountain dew flavors as well as restaurants. I can use the scientific method to prove that the popular stigmas about bacon and red meats are mostly just pseudo-science and that the fact is that they have more positives to them than negatives.

I love Free Expression and I hate censorship. I can prove with Historic data that science is totally dependent on Free Expression in order to flourish and that Censorship is science’s biggest enemy of all time. I despise hearing bleeps and mute outs and skips on the radio and on TV and in film, I also despise seeing blurriness and black block-out bars all over the visual scenes.

Which brings me to Net Neutrality. I believe that neither of government and business should have any place regulating the internet, or giving preferential treatment to higher payers. Short of it, I have at all times a 0% trust ratio of the FCC (Federal Communications Committee) in keeping the internet uncensored. Anyone who hears bleeps, mutes and skips on the radio or in music videos in MTV or who sees blurriness and black out bars on TV and film should know to not trust the FCC to prevent the internet from having the same stupid idiocies going against its Free Expression. My science walkthroughs in my Tumblr that I do not use anymore could be deleted. Also…

  1. My insights into the History of the Salafi Movement could be deleted by the FCC if they are trusted to keep the internet uncensored.
  2. My reviews of video games could be falsely DMCA‘d by the FCC
  3. My reviews of Mountain Dew flavors could be barred from the web.
  4. I could be fined expensively for using this WordPress website for scientifically proving government to have no place in guarding us from our own diets and/or fashions.
  5. I could be fined expensively for glorifying slim white women with black hair, blue eyes and glasses
  6. My analysis proving facts about fictional characters, such as the fact that JRR Tolkien based the Easterlings for Lord of the Rings on the Seljuk Turks and their 12th Century AD Sultan, Nur Ad-Din.

I love the idea of preventing companies from not treating all traffic equally, but FCC power over the internet is not the way to assure such things. And those of you who read any of my other political posts know I am not supportive of my nation even having a media regulation committee, but I do think it is necessary to guarantee equality to all internet traffic without resorting to censorship or to socialism. Thank you all,



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