What Puppet Dictator?

I am so sick of people saying in front of me, that any US involvement overseas is automatically a matter of the federal government bombing civilians and then setting up a “puppet” dictator.

Can I ask something? What evidence do you, Ron Paul and his worshippers, have of any of the following being 100% American-sponsored puppet Tyrants:

  1. Saudi absolute monarch Salman bin Abdulaziz?
  2. Sudanese dictator Omar al Bashir?
  3. North Korean tyrant Kim Jon Un?
  4. Syrian tyrant Bashar al Assad?
  5. former Libyan tyrant Muammar Gaddafi?
  6. former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein?
  7. the Mullahs of the Taliban?

Did any of you even bother looking into who the most frequent supplier is of any of these Dictators? If you did, you would know the following:

  1. China and Egypt are the Saudi King’s top weapon suppliers, US is second to bottom
  2. Omar al Bashir’s top supplier is China, his second most often supplier is Russia
  3. Russia is North Korea’s top weapon smithy
  4. Syria’s foreign weapon builders are Russia, China, and Iran
  5. Gaddafi’s military’s foreign supplier was mostly Russia
  6. Saddam’s top three suppliers were France, Russia and China. His least often suppliers were America, Britain, and Australia.
  7. The Taliban was and is most often armed by Russia, least often armed by us.

These facts are constantly ignored by the Ron Paul and Rand Paul crowd, which makes me consider them Appeasement Libertarians instead of Robust National Defense Libertarians.

I cannot stand Rand or Ron after seeing a cartoon made by his follower base. It ignores that Russia and China arm Salafi-minded tyrants far more often than any OECD member-state does, even America. America is the least frequent foreign supplier of the established armies of Authoritarianism. Thank you all,



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