Honest Foreign Policy Thoughts

Hello people. I want to clarify things about what I believe in foreign policy.

Like I say repeatedly, I am a Classical Liberal, so basically a Libertarian; well within what best comedian ever, South Park world-builder and fellow Classical Liberal Trey Parker calls a “middle ground”.

I agree with OECD nations’ Center Left party platforms on issues that fall into the categories of Social policy, Science, Immigration policy, and War On Drugs; i.e. agreeing with Democrats on a total of about one third of politics.

Simultaneously I agree with the OECD nations’ Center Right party platforms on issues from the categories known as Economy, Education, Gun Rights, Domestic Protection, Healthcare, War on Terror, and general Foreign Policy; i.e. agreeing with Republicans on a total of about two thirds of politics.

The focus of this post

I must identify the exact word for what I am on foreign policy. I am… a Wilsonian. Now, Wilsonian nowadays can refer to a middle ground between Neoconservative and Nonintervention, one that leans very slightly closer to the former than to the latter. Wilsonian is not a foreign policy doctrine about ceaseless war, it is also not a doctrine about waiting for soulless animals to attack us before we do anything about them.

In fact, different Wilsonians can have different degrees of support for what is called “hot warfare”, use of mostly or entirely military means to fight for one cause against another. I for example would rather we back off on a lot of the hot warfare and rely mostly on cold warfare, that is, Economic and Diplomatic means of spreading Lifestyle Liberty and The Free Market, and I only support using the military when cold warfare is unsuccessful at getting a Tyrant to step down from power. You want to know what I think is a proper foreign policy? I refer you to the following three principles:

  1. Use of Free Trade to glorify Science, Lifestyle Liberty and Capitalism and to vilify Authoritarian ideologies, especially religious authoritarian ideologies.
  2. Limitation of military force to just Humanitarian Interventions and National Interest-related counter attacks
  3. Employment of “Capitalist Regime Change” to allow newly liberated peoples to embrace our ideas organically through, again, Free Trade.

I guess then in regard to the 2016 elections, the guy who wishes to prove himself as “Somewhere in between Rand Paul and John McCain on foreign policy” is my guy if I want foreign threats to science quelled without any threat being posed to science domestically. My only problems with him are that he is pro-life (I am pro-choice) and he is personally against marriage equality, however, he at least believes in letting State governors decide instead of supporting a homophobic marriage amendment to the Constitution. I will tell who it is in a future post.

I believe in removing tyrants from power, and I try to advocate a balance of progressive imperialism and free trade. The day will never come when I endorse either R-Paul on foreign policy, the day will also never come when I ever condone the foreign policy of John McCain. As a secular deist, my sympathy goes eternally out to religious minorities in Islamic theocracies like Saudi Arabia and Sudan, minorities that are not able to express, let alone sell [legit] copies of, their religious beliefs.

Thank you all,



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