Word on Gradualism

There are two topics this post applies to – Zoology and Politics.

Gradualism in Zoology

Gradualism in Zoology refers to the fact that present day animals, including we the humans, evolved gradually over millions of years, and that perhaps evolution will continue to change us gradually over future millions of years.

Take our teeth for example. We did not rapidly gain carnivorous diet from an ancient world couple defying God, instead our teeth in present forms happened gradually over the course of 275,000,000 years, starting with the sail-backed mammal-like reptiles, or pelycosaurs, known as Dimetrodon. Then through a series of ancestor species separating them from us, our teeth’s builds were passed down gradually over time. But what about before Dimetrodon? Before Dimetrodon you had beings with smaller teeth with more primitive builds, and our first jawed ancestors were amphibians called Labyrinthodonts, who had the first teeth of any of our evolutionary ancestors. But those teeth were nothing like the advanced teeth we have now. Rather they were peg-like in most species.

Evolution is not some kind of magical, rapid-event phenomenon that began with a God from the deserts making everything out of water (or dirt) in less than a week. There is a gradualism to it, gradually prehistoric animals went closer and closer to being current animals.

Gradualism in Politics

In politics, Gradualism refers to the fact that [almost] any proper political reform comes from political evolution as opposed to idiocies like rioting or civil revolt.

That’s right, I am both a zoological as well as political Gradualist, not some Revolutionist.

Political Gradualism was and is based almost entirely in reality, I say almost because us gradualists are the kind of people who despise the idea of pretending to know everything. My Libertarianism variant, Neolibertarianism, is the kind of libertarianism that is nothing but Gradualism. In other words, I believe that we need to gradually reform our country in order to restore it to our Founding Fathers’ vision.

In foreign policy, gradualism can be applied to the spread of Lifestyle Liberty and Free Markets to other nations, as in the tactic of only tackling one Dictatorship at a time.

Let us face it, America did not go from the home of Laissez-faire to the Land of the 82,000 Restrictions through a short-time revolution. In fact, I predict it may take at least two decades and at most two centuries to fix this nation to exactly what our Founding Fathers wanted for it.

We need to go through a Gradualistic series of reforms instead of a revolution, I say.

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