Lifestyle Liberty Season

Is Summer. But can also be Spring. I am posting this because Spring starts in exactly two days. As of this page, “Lifestyle Liberty Season” is a collective term for both Spring and Summer, referring to how much more is possible in the warmth than in the cool.

And yes this is another page illustrating the excellence of Spring and Summer, but through mainly a personal perspective.

Personal Perspective

I vastly enjoy the ability to wear a Disturbed shirt or, very soon in Lifestyle Liberty season, Lamb of God shirts; and go out on my bicycle all over county. Not just town, county. I love being able to go up to some slim woman with black hair, blue eyes and glasses in her late 20’s (I am in my early 20’s myself) and just flirt at her for 59 minutes or something! Especially when they are dressed my favorite way to see them dressed, which I will not discuss publicly. Ever. Do not ask me either because I keep that part of my taste in women secret. All you need to know is I believe women [and my fellow men] should be allowed to dress as they will [in their personal time] during Lifestyle Liberty Season as long as they do not impose their modes of dress on others.

I also rightfully enjoy grilling beef, bacon, sausage, mutton, and even ham on my portable-seeming foreman grill called the “Griddler” from Cuisinart. I’d looooove to grill these things on an outdoor grill in future Lifestyle Liberty Seasons! I will even grill out back in the dark of evenings when warm.

Getting to play Medieval II Total War outdoors is another thing I look forward to, in theory. If I didn’t have to get a whole second computer just for Windows 8.

Best of all though I have to say is the ability to explore reptiles and amphibians just through observation of them. Also, the Markets declare purchasing of toads and turtles as pets to be “in season” during Lifestyle Liberty Season.


So what does Lifestyle Liberty Season enable you to do that you very much enjoy? I would love to know so please let me know in the comment box! Thank you all,



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