Global Warming Good and Global Poisoning Bad

Gods, Kings and Sultans. Quite a random first words, I agree. Nothing wrong with being random, but everything wrong with being stupid, as anyone who opposes what I guess I’d call “man made global warming” is, hear me out on why:

My part of America, the Northeast, is suffering such record colds that it is snowing for the first three days of Spring! Quite an outrage, right? This is a post about Climate Change, as I hope you already detected, but I have some propositions about it:

  1. Climate Change does exist
  2. Most Climate Change is man made
  3. There is a Good Climate Change and a Bad Climate Change
  4. Global Warming good, Global Cooling bad!

I am very well aware I did a Pro-Green post here, offering ideas about how to curb climate change without restrictions. Well, I have changed my mind thanks to this weekend of snow storms! And the record cold. Easily infallible source material to shed my hostility to Man Made Global Warming! People like me who believe in Freedom and Liberty should be rejoicing in man made global warming, not denying that it is real! I am not going to pretend to know everything about climate change, because of course that is not my field of science. I am a man of science for not pretending to know everything and for advocating Pure Free Expression, but I am not exactly a Scientist. Yet.

In the mean time though let us celebrate the people who superheat the atmosphere, but perhaps sure we can encourage them to find or invent Non-poisonous ways of maintaining or speeding up atmospheric superheat, or I’m sorry, Global Warming. As for the Polar Bears, that issue is what Rational, Capitalistic Incentives for Free Range Farming, as opposed to Factory Farming, are for! Let people keep these beings as Pets if they wish to, for example! I can go on for ever about example of how we can Save the Polar Bears without Ending Global Warming, but let us stay focused on the Climate Change and how it impacts weather here.

Anyone who is sick of the Snow, which by the way is overstaying its welcome, hear me well: We must push our resources to superheating the atmosphere without poisoning it. Because the Heat is the Hero, its the Poisoning that just so happens to be the villain. And unfortunately, the two are often forced by fossil fuel to mix, however I am confident in our species being able to Unearth ways to maintain/expand heating in a way that exterminates poisoning! Why? Because I am a Full-time, Eternal Optimist! I have a lot of trust in various innovators among my fellow mammalians of Homo Sapiens, I trust many of them to use their skills wisely. Especially my female kin, because I will say it probably several times – The Vast Majority Of Women Are Good People And The Ones Who Are Not Choose Not To Be. Thank you all,



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