Briefing on Pet Ownership

Let me let people know that if there is any pet I am more interested in than a Cane Toad – it is an American Bobtail Cat. In fact, I want to be able to keep both a Cane Toad and an American Bobtail Cat in the same house when I get take my independence to its ultimatum, which will be some time after my Dark Fantasy fictional universe (Thertia) kicks off.

Which brings me to Pets. I love owning pets, especially cats. I just love how playful most of them are and I love the sounds they make to get attention! Secondly, we come to… well, specifically Cane Toads. I love how their diet is the anarchy of diets – it is endlessly entertaining, they will eat anything, from kibbles to live bugs and even live rodents! I could just buy Cat food for both my Toad and my Cat!

And then we come to Pet Ownership laws. They are useless scumbag laws that meet the criteria of Nanny Laws. I want the only restrictions on Pet Ownership to be Laws Against Animal Cruelty! In fact that would be a law changing in the correct direction for… any OECD economy! America’s economy included.

I have done some very beneficial research into both kinds of animal care, and I know from that research what to do. Considering I wish to be the sort of Zoologist that hand crafts Zoo keeping and Pet keeping supplies, I am convinced that keeping both a Cat and a Toad in the same house would be great practice for me while I get college education, provided government keeps its filthy claws out of my Pet Keeping rights. Thank you all,



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