Speaking As A Young Person

On May 6th, so in 13 days, I turn 21 which qualifies me [currently] as a young person. And I will be honest, I refuse to ever look to any source other than Freedom House, the CATO Institute, or the Libertarian Defense Caucus for news. And I understand that MSNBC and Fox News have respectively a Far-left bias and far-right bias.

However, I found an article on the latter I can mostly agree with. Keep in mind I do not blindly believe everything this article has to say. Article can be found linked here.

Speaking as a Young Person, and for all the young people in America, I will respond to one provision from the article at a time.

Millennials didn’t like what Romney had to say, but a great many were disappointed in Obama, too.

So, basically we are largely politically Independent. No surprise here, for we do not want what either of them have to offer, we want our country done right by its Constitution.

Young People don’t stream out of our schools hoping to be on welfare; they want a shot at the American dream. And this century that dream is to become the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Personally, my “American Dream” is to become a Zoologist as in this century’s version of Rolf Hagen, who founded Pet Supply company Exo-Terra, which is geared entirely for amphibians and reptiles. But for the fellow lads and lasses who want to become 21st-century versions of other idols of any industry, I have this to say to the government on their behalf: stop paying the lazy to be lazy with money earned by proactive people and start making it easier for us millennials to become current-century versions of industry icons!

The GOP needs to focus on unleashing the the energy of our private sector and the competition of our workers. What does that mean? It means pushing for Right To Work laws across the nation, it means tearing apart the spider webs of needless regulation that make it daunting to set up a new business.

Looks like someone on what’s normally a TV station has their head on right! I can fully agree. I can even come up with examples in my own words: Let energy people decide for themselves which sort of alternative energy [of the many there are] best balances economic freedom and environmental security. It means to us letting free range animal owners decide for themselves what purposes they want to breed their animals for, whether meat is one of those purposes or not. Let the Laissez Faire system be the Laissez faire system, therefore letting the proactive enjoy the rewards of being proactive. Us lads and lasses are not alone in celebrating business, nearly all Americans cherish our history of risk taking and making not just economic progress but scientific progress as well. Regarding the latter, out country earned 300+ Nobel Prizes for Speeding Up Scientific Progress, more than any other nation on Earth.

Young people also want American finances put in order

I don’t need to quote the rest of the above part – because I can say it myself, in my own words: The $18,000,000,000,000 debt and the $500,000,000,000 deficit both give us a very pessimistic future. We know based not just on politics but rather almost entirely on basic math that “Raising the Debt Ceiling”, as polling data reveal that 68% of Democrat voters support doing and 96% of Republican voters oppose doing, will only make our potential future worse.

And in general, I think all of us American voters can agree that this country’s top problem is the economy.

Republicans repulse young people on social issues

Well, guess what? A civil policy change to Civil Libertarianism is guaranteed to fix that.

As a libertarian myself, I believe in personal liberty, free markets, civil society, and individual control of one’s own life under a rule by Lawful Good.

To me, the idea that a Federal Marriage Amendment would define legit marriage as anything stricter than “two or more consenting adults” is automatically worse than “pure garbage”.

On abortion, I say the woman has the right to choose whether she gets one or not but does not have the right to pay for the abortion with anyone’s money but her own. Simple as that.

There will be areas of disagreement between Libertarians and the GOP. Nowhere is this more obvious than defense policy

Indeed. For most libertarians, in reality anyway, believe in an approach to the remarkably evil Salafi [Jihadist] empire that does absolutely nothing about it until it grows to powerful for America to muster an effective counterattack against whatever they want to throw at us next. The Mainstream GOP believes, again in reality, that the only way to stop the Salafi empire is to annex the rest of the planet around us and to not care if any civilians are harmed in the process. As for me, I do support respecting other nations’ sovereignties and I also support ending the Nazi Reich reincarnate known as the Salafi Caliphate (or would you rather I called it a Sultanate? I know I’d rather call it a Sultanate myself). Regarding the two extremes I have addressed factually above, I am somewhere in the middle. Refusing to do absolutely nothing about the Salafis but also refusing to take away borders and other sovereignty from other morally legit nations. And believe me, I can name a large handful of morally legit nations.

…more Americans may come around supporting a restrained military

Actually, 61% of Americans oppose a financially restrained military and sizable minorities can get behind such exceptions to geographic restraint as humanitarian intervention or just counterattacks over atrocities like Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

Overall rating of the article I linked in the start of this post, as if I had reviewed the linked article like a game or a food, PR-86. Serviceable article indeed. Thank you all for your time,



Legit Free Speech

So some time ago I learned about this thing called the Miller Test, which is basically something the government uses to scan an adult-only or otherwise high-maturity work of art and/or literature [lit] for serious intellectual (Literary, Artistic, Political, Religious, Secular or Scientific) value. If there is no serious intellectual value the work is banished from public thought waves as obscene. That is the most basic explanation I can come up with using only my words.

This Miller Test thing gave me an idea of what legit Free Speech is. Legitimate Free Speech is any kind of speech, art, or literature with any sort of intellectual value.

For example, even if a depiction or description contains profanity or other high-maturity element it is Legit Free Speech if there is an underlying intelligent message promoting voluntary secularity of the individual

This definition and example lead me to our current 44th president and his impact on America. During the 2001 to 2009 time span, when I was growing up on what I grew up on, I had never heard once of Speech, Press, Media being restricted any further than FCC already was on TV, Film and radio. As of 2010 I started hearing of people getting denied jobs and denied college education for the content maturity they applied to their personal time vocabulary on the net, whether their online expressions had any serious intellectual meaning behind it or not. This doubtlessly makes me sick that I for example can be fired from my current job or denied my desired bigger career for even being so much as T-for-Teen in the content maturity of my online vocabulary. Just in time for my adulthood! Especially sickening when you factor in that every single act of expression I have done online had always had at least some kind of intellectual meaning. This can only lead me to one logical conclusion (and yes, it does refer to all 34 OECD nations and not just America alone):

Proper social media policies that do not force people to be PC at all times and instead warn them to be sure they have serious intellectual value behind their online expressions only occur among employers and educators and such under a President or Chancellor (depending on what OECD nation you live in) from a Moderate-Right politics kind of political party. Moderate Left parties on the other hand will be obscenely strict and try to force everyone to be PC and the Moderate Left sort of parties do not care whether serious intellectual value backs a self-expression thing or not.

By the way, I said “T for Teen” instead of “PG-13” because I prefer video games and Games Workshop hobby stuff over movies and TV shows almost all of the time. Yes, in this website I use ESRB video game ratings to refer to content maturity in general. Thank you all for your time,


My Citadel Miniatures: first post

I don’t think I discussed my miniatures here, did I? Well, Here are some things for me to say of them:

  1. They are Games Workshop minis
  2. They are based on Peter Jackson’s movie version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy
  3. They are modeled on a specific human army among the “Forces of Darkness”
  4. This Human Force of Darkness is called the Easterlings
  5. The Easterlings are from the land of Rhun

So… my Easterling army is for this game currently known as the “The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies Strategy Battle Game”. In case you have not guessed, I like counting the word “the” as part of the title and as a non-titled part of a sentence. Official site of this game.

Let me start with covering what all the troops types I wish to utilize are.

  1. Easterling Warriors with pikes and shields
  2. Easterling Warriors with bows
  3. Easterling Kataphrakts (heavy horseman cavalry)
  4. Castellans of Lhanzaghad (based on Castellans of Umbar from another human force of darkness and named for a city Games Workshop devised in 2006 to give Rhun a capital city)
  5. Clansman Arbalesters (based on Corsair Arbalester [crossbow & shield & no armor] units)
  6. Clansman Reavers (based on Corsair Reaver [light armor and random weapons] units)
  7. Easterling Siege Assault Ballista (based on the Uruk-hai Siege Assault Ballista)
  8. Clansman Horsemen (based on Khandish Horsemen [light armor, horse, axe, bow] units)
  9. Clansman Charioteer (based on Khandish Charioteer [light armor, chariot, huge axe] units)

But keep in mind, owning the Five Armies movie on DVD has lead to me seeing some Troll characters that maybe I might do Mumak (plural noun = Mumakil) versions of, if I can write realistic rules for them. Maybe some of them in place of some of the above. Thank you for reading this, and more on my Easterling army later,


A Smart Warhammer Video Game

So, if it wasn’t evident when I reviewed Medieval II Total War as the first game I review here, it should be evident when I make this post that I looooove strategy battle games.

This post specifically is about what my idea of a smart Fantasy video game of the strategy and tactics gameplay style.

Now I am going to use the Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe as an example. An excellent WFB video game would have the following as playable factions (star next to the would-be favorite of mine):

  1. Albion
  2. Araby
  3. Beastmen
  4. Bretonnia
  5. Cathay
  6. Daemons of Chaos
  7. Dark Elves
  8. Dwarfs
  9. Estalia
  10. High Elves
  11. Kingdoms of Ind
  12. Kislev
  13. Lizardmen*
  14. Nippon
  15. Norsca
  16. Ogre Kingdoms
  17. Orcs & Goblins
  18. Pirates of Sartosa
  19. Skaven
  20. The Empire
  21. Tomb Kings
  22. Vampires
  23. Warriors of Chaos
  24. Wood Elves

And, just the 15 factions that there exist Citadel miniatures for (Beastmen, Bretonnia, Daemons, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, High Elves, Lizardmen, Ogres, Orcs, Skaven, Empire, Tomb Kings, Vampires, Warriors, Wood Elves) are initially playable in Campaign modes, and you can unlock all the nine others all at once by winning Campaign for one of the initially playable factions.

In campaign mode, you’d be have a ton of different kinds of agent – Spy, Assassin, Merchant, Preacher, and Diplomat, plus five faction exclusive Agent types. I know I am recycling the Agent Types List from Medieval II, but Medieval II is that friggin GENIUS of a game! Every faction would have its own politics mechanic and there would be both sea navies and aerial navies at the same time, provided by Dragons, Eagles, or Pterosaurs depending on who you play as. Yes, AERIAL navies.

I believe wholesale that Sky Battles in a Medieval-technology-meets-Magic setting like Warhammer Earth would be a beautifully welcoming addition to the Strategy And Tactics gameplay style. Also – did I mention the Dwarfs of World Edge Mountains in this Other Earth have Helicopters? Perhaps maybe you want to use the Helicopter blades to knock Ogres and Orcs flying all over one of the Real-time battle fields, yes?

Real Time battles would drag out for two or more hours each, and the Turn Based Map would give you plenty of opportunities that the mechanics of you may have learned from Sid Meir’s Civilization games. One of these being the mechanic of being able to choose your victory type.

I can go on for a while, but that would make my post insanely long. There is a lot there could be to a smart Warhammer Game so the next gaming post will be about a smart D&D video game. Thank you all,