A Smart Warhammer Video Game

So, if it wasn’t evident when I reviewed Medieval II Total War as the first game I review here, it should be evident when I make this post that I looooove strategy battle games.

This post specifically is about what my idea of a smart Fantasy video game of the strategy and tactics gameplay style.

Now I am going to use the Warhammer Fantasy Battle universe as an example. An excellent WFB video game would have the following as playable factions (star next to the would-be favorite of mine):

  1. Albion
  2. Araby
  3. Beastmen
  4. Bretonnia
  5. Cathay
  6. Daemons of Chaos
  7. Dark Elves
  8. Dwarfs
  9. Estalia
  10. High Elves
  11. Kingdoms of Ind
  12. Kislev
  13. Lizardmen*
  14. Nippon
  15. Norsca
  16. Ogre Kingdoms
  17. Orcs & Goblins
  18. Pirates of Sartosa
  19. Skaven
  20. The Empire
  21. Tomb Kings
  22. Vampires
  23. Warriors of Chaos
  24. Wood Elves

And, just the 15 factions that there exist Citadel miniatures for (Beastmen, Bretonnia, Daemons, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, High Elves, Lizardmen, Ogres, Orcs, Skaven, Empire, Tomb Kings, Vampires, Warriors, Wood Elves) are initially playable in Campaign modes, and you can unlock all the nine others all at once by winning Campaign for one of the initially playable factions.

In campaign mode, you’d be have a ton of different kinds of agent – Spy, Assassin, Merchant, Preacher, and Diplomat, plus five faction exclusive Agent types. I know I am recycling the Agent Types List from Medieval II, but Medieval II is that friggin GENIUS of a game! Every faction would have its own politics mechanic and there would be both sea navies and aerial navies at the same time, provided by Dragons, Eagles, or Pterosaurs depending on who you play as. Yes, AERIAL navies.

I believe wholesale that Sky Battles in a Medieval-technology-meets-Magic setting like Warhammer Earth would be a beautifully welcoming addition to the Strategy And Tactics gameplay style. Also – did I mention the Dwarfs of World Edge Mountains in this Other Earth have Helicopters? Perhaps maybe you want to use the Helicopter blades to knock Ogres and Orcs flying all over one of the Real-time battle fields, yes?

Real Time battles would drag out for two or more hours each, and the Turn Based Map would give you plenty of opportunities that the mechanics of you may have learned from Sid Meir’s Civilization games. One of these being the mechanic of being able to choose your victory type.

I can go on for a while, but that would make my post insanely long. There is a lot there could be to a smart Warhammer Game so the next gaming post will be about a smart D&D video game. Thank you all,



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