My Citadel Miniatures: first post

I don’t think I discussed my miniatures here, did I? Well, Here are some things for me to say of them:

  1. They are Games Workshop minis
  2. They are based on Peter Jackson’s movie version of the Lord of the Rings trilogy
  3. They are modeled on a specific human army among the “Forces of Darkness”
  4. This Human Force of Darkness is called the Easterlings
  5. The Easterlings are from the land of Rhun

So… my Easterling army is for this game currently known as the “The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies Strategy Battle Game”. In case you have not guessed, I like counting the word “the” as part of the title and as a non-titled part of a sentence. Official site of this game.

Let me start with covering what all the troops types I wish to utilize are.

  1. Easterling Warriors with pikes and shields
  2. Easterling Warriors with bows
  3. Easterling Kataphrakts (heavy horseman cavalry)
  4. Castellans of Lhanzaghad (based on Castellans of Umbar from another human force of darkness and named for a city Games Workshop devised in 2006 to give Rhun a capital city)
  5. Clansman Arbalesters (based on Corsair Arbalester [crossbow & shield & no armor] units)
  6. Clansman Reavers (based on Corsair Reaver [light armor and random weapons] units)
  7. Easterling Siege Assault Ballista (based on the Uruk-hai Siege Assault Ballista)
  8. Clansman Horsemen (based on Khandish Horsemen [light armor, horse, axe, bow] units)
  9. Clansman Charioteer (based on Khandish Charioteer [light armor, chariot, huge axe] units)

But keep in mind, owning the Five Armies movie on DVD has lead to me seeing some Troll characters that maybe I might do Mumak (plural noun = Mumakil) versions of, if I can write realistic rules for them. Maybe some of them in place of some of the above. Thank you for reading this, and more on my Easterling army later,



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