Attempting to Alter S.E.E.

So, what is SEE? Special Extended Edition [SEE] is a modification for the Windows Game known as Battle for Middle earth II. I will review the game and the mod separately later, but in the mean time lets just focus on what I want to do with a second copy on my drive of SEE (second because I want one for the legit SEE beta 4.5 and one to turn into my version of the mod)

Okay, what am I trying to do with this thing? I am trying to replace the Goblins faction [known in the mod as “Moria”] with a genuine Men of Darkness faction, that combines Haradrim units & buildings with Easterling units & buildings, all from the Lord of the Rings books, into one faction. I will even try to re-work the walls and fortress to look like the Angmar Fortress and Wall system from the game’s expansion pack, Rise of the Witch King. The difference is, I want the colors to be the colors of Easterling civilian buildings in the Rhun map. Or should I just re-skin the Moria Goblin Fortress to Easterling civilian building colors? If the latter than I might need to re-skin a copy and paste of the Isengard walls to look like Easterling walls, or I may have to do that with Mordor walls (which in the SEE mod beta 4.5 are based on the walls from the Dol Guldur map)

I also want to bring in Haradrim Horseman lancers, Hill Troll Pikemen and Hill Troll Trebuchets from Angmar but instead of letting the horseman lancers be Haradrim, I want to re-skin them to be Variags of Khand, a third sect of Men of Darkness known only from the Lord of the Rings books without whom there would be no LotR movies, or at least no near-perfect ones. I already prepared the Moria Fissure to be a Pen that is for the Hill Troll characters and for Monstrous Scorpion versions of the Spider characters the Fissure can already build. Granted, I am going to have to start this mod-patching of mine again from scratch when I get Windows 7 onto this Macbook I am typing this article from, but still… I think I should share progress I made at some point in time.

I am not revealing more than I have about this patch but… expect a fascinating gallery of what I’ve done some time before my nation’s 2016 elections (the US federal elections in November 2016). Thank you,



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