Fiscal Responsibility

Hello all.

I have a now two day old budgeting tactic and even bought folders from work yesterday to accommodate. I have decided I have had enough of my spending for the sake of spending and I am going to take action against it.

I am keeping the tactics trade secrets for now, but I think tonight is a great time [it’s 8 pm on friday may 15 at the time this post began being typed] to talk about how any government in general can be Fiscally Responsible.

Let’s start with bullet points:

  • A proper government saves its tax payment [insert plural name for whatever currency you want here] for en-masse funding of astrophysicist, herpetologist, ornithologist, paleontologist, and other sorts of scientist – instead of wasting it on random citizens who quite abundantly refuse to help anyone but themselves
  • A legit government keeps its military and other security forces very strong and more importantly [to me] extremely brilliant without infringing upon any domestic civil rights or any property rights for that matter [where are any of you on this one, ALL TOP THREE U.S. POLITICAL PARTIES!!].
  • A respectable government only has enough of an entertainment regulation budget (i.e. here in America only a big enough FCC) to require Miller Test style obscenity testing of any and every entertainment industry contribution to one’s nation
  • A thoughtful government has a Congress that has the money printing power as well as the war waging power whilst the president utterly lacks these powers. Therefore the thoughtful government does not have a national reserve system separate from Congress and owned (in any sense at all) by one’s president [referencing you Federal Reserve!]
  • An empathic government has the right sized budget of Police and other domestic security to keep police fully committed to using [mainly] nothing but Forensic Science to figure out who committed a violent crime and who committed a property crime. A Policing budget that has the police able to figure out who the perp was and deliver the right sort of justice for the person or property victimized by the crime, be the crime a violent one or a property one. And all of this without even remotely being secretive and suspicious of law-abiding and other empathic citizenry.

And that is a short list of examples I can think of for fiscally responsible government traits. Thank you for reading this,



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