A Musician for 45th President!

[Sighs]. I am done voting for actual politicians. Or at least I would like to be.

So, I have a scientifically inquired question: If a movie star can be a limited-government president that ends up standing up to and destroying tyranny, then maybe a music star can be such a kind of president as well.

Here’s a catch though: I do agree it would be nice to have a first female president for president #45, but one’s political views are far more important for political power than one’s gender. In fact, I do not see gender as being relevant to one’s political potential… at all. So don’t be offended if there is a female musician whose politics are similar to mine and you do not see her name here. Let me know who it is and what the common ground is AND what the differences are, please and thank you.

Now, here are my picks for musicians I would rather have for president than yet another politician:

  • David Draiman, hard rock musician who believes in Free Trade, real capitalism [as opposed to crony capitalism and as opposed to corporatism], personal freedom, supporting Israel against its Saharan and West & Central Asian enemies, and [at least based on what I can learn about him from Facebook and YouTube and Wikipedia] a zero-tolerance policy toward genocide.
  • Gene Simmons, classic rock musician who believes in personal freedom and economic freedom, but has a sort of emphasis on global affairs, from letting us know he is alive because we saved his mother from Nazi Germany to letting us know that issuing a policy about Israel’s borders without having been there makes about as much sense as making policies against the moon without having actually been there
  • Lady Gaga, a pop musician whose music & other works I never even think about on a personal level, but in philosophical terms has very permissive views on domestic things like culture and economy, and has openly condemned Iran and North Korea, along with expressing other views supportive of us being productive in the world.
  • Trey Parker, best known for South Park and Team America, but he is very great a writing music and in addition gets almost everything right in the political field, his views can easily be pegged as libertarian-minded, with a proactive foreign policy beliefs list.
  • Matt Stone, Parker’s best friend and is very mentally similar to Parker, only difference I am aware of is that while Stone is an Atheist, Parker appears to be a Deist, based on that he believes in a god but does not follow an organized religion. Not to mention, Parker and Stone find religion entertaining even though they, like me, also regard it as purely fictional.

Now, of all the above, I will be honest: I would choose Parker and Stone for respectively President and Vice President in a heartbeat. Why? Because they have exactly the political views and the general philosophical attitudes America needs in order to recover. If you look into the research into their religious and political views that exists, you notice they have the most mental qualifications of anyone. Though I will admit – It was Draiman who observed that “Nine in every ten politicians forget why they were elected”.

The Democrats are already sold on Hillary without even so much as a primary, but I am going to attempt to push for a Parker administration to happen for 45th Presidential administration. How? Cannot say – those are trade secrets!

Thank you all for reading my honest thoughts on the 2016 elections once more though,



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