The Case for Capitalism


Economic Freedom [laissez-faire, free trade] + Academic Freedom [science, technology] + Interest in Improving one’s self physically and/or mentally = Peace and Prosperity

Authoritarian Regime government leads to Genocide and Famine

Exhibit A: Capitalism is a Hero

  1. Capitalism is Chaotic Good because it permits people to pursue their own dreams. For example, Capitalism allows me to pursue the dreams of being a Master-degree Herpetologist, a Dark Fantasy Comic author/illustrator, and a intellectually renowned commentator of YouTube all at once.
  2. Socialism is a Chaotic Evil because it forces people to be objects, tools, weapons; owned by the government, which will plan their lives and destinies almost always against their will.
  3. Like Scientists, Merchants are also heroes of Human History. Scientists and Merchants nowadays should be allying with each other against Authoritarianism, not conflicting with each other.

Exhibit B: Outcomes are more important than intents

  1. Intents and Outcomes very radically differ from one another
  2. For example, it may be a no-brainer that Far Left and Far Right are the exact same kind of enemy of the poor as one another, but of the Moderates, the Center Right is the ally of the poor while the Center Left is an enemy.
  3. Here is how: The Center Left might want to spawn economic prosperity and social equality, but their policies [high tax rates, charging income tax, raising regional debt limits, redistribution of wealth] actually exterminate prosperity and equality alike. Or at least diminish them bit by bit. Different Center Right individuals might have different intentions, but what they have in common is policies [like low tax rates, not charging income tax, paying down regional debts, and letting greater wealth go to harder and smarter workers]. Therefore common voters like myself who want to end poverty, misogyny, and other forms of inequality should vote for the economically Capitalist parties of the moderate right.
  4. Using my 320,000,000-person country of the United States of America as an example, with 8% of the population being poor people, that ratio tells us all 25,600,000 of America’s poor should vote for the Libertarians [LP] and/or Republicans [GOP] depending on the foreign policy and social policy beliefs of the individual voter [a poor person who is a paleolibertarian and a poor person who’s a fellow neolibertarian would both have to split the ticket between GOP and LP for example]. But these two parties clashing on Global policy and on social norms makes not one bit of difference in these two parties making and/or advocating laws that actually help the poor. Democrats, on the other hand, prove with their beliefs in redistributing wealth and their hatred of replacing income tax with low to medium sales tax, that they are the enemies of the poor.
  5. Most of the Evil in Humanity is done by people who want to improve upon other people. This is made evident in the Historical Records about Christianity, Islam, other organized religions, Socialism, Communism, Nationalism, the Nazi Movement, and the Salafi Jihadist Movement.
  6. Most of the Good in Humanity is done by people who want to improve upon themselves. This is made evident in the Historical Records about Science, Medicine, Technology, Atheism, Deism, other secular ideologies, Capitalism, modernizations of food & apparel [like bacon, ground meat, blue denim clothes and other color denim clothes], modernizations of entertainment [like metal music, comic books and video games], and the tripling of average human lifespan during the Age of Enlightenment.

Exhibit C: Every Scholarly Economic website pegs Capitalism as the maker of peace and prosperity, and Authoritarianism as the maker of genocide and famine

  1. While I despise the conservatives of Heritage Foundation on Social Issues, I can peg them as honest people about economic freedom and how it relates to prosperity. Here is a link to their index for this year.
  2. Currently they rank America 12th in the world for economic freedom, putting us above 166 other nations in the index. No wonder my fellow Americans and I are rich.
  3. Fraser Institute is a Canadian source that is, due to their Libertarian nature, much better than Heritage on social issues but their focus with indexes is Economic Liberty. They made a map in 2008 of the world in terms of economy: That map is linked to Wikipedia here.
  4. World Bank Group, or Doing Business Group as I might sometimes call them, has their own series of indexes called the “Ease of Doing Business”. For the current year, they rank America 7th easiest place in the world to be a merchant. Index linked to official site here.
  5. Example: This year, in the Starting Business Index, my ethnic DNA’s homeland of Ireland is 19th in the world, putting it 21 spots above America. Ireland has Four Procedures taking a total of 6 days to complete costing slightly under a third of a percent of the Irish GNI per capita and there is absolutely no minimum capital to pay in as far as GNI per capita goes. In contrast, the hardest African nation to start a business in ranks third from bottom at the 187 spot. I chose an African nation because I have an entirely economic point to make about that particular continent, I guarantee it. The nation I am referring to is the Central African “Republic”, where there’s EIGHT procedures taking Twenty Two days to finish up, the cost of starting business is 226% of the Central African GNI per capita, and the minimum to pay in for capital is 607.3% of the Central African GNI per capita.
  6. The economic point I want to make about the African continent is that it is poor because most National Governments in Africa make it very daunting to attempt to set up business there.
  7. Globalization Index, which you can find on Wikipedia here, ranks my homeland (the US) at 32 for Globalized economy while ranking my Medieval ancestors’ homeland (Ireland) top of the world.
  8. Transparency International ranks different nations drawing a very strong correlation between Capitalism and how devoid a government is of corruption. Latest one found here. Or you can look at this map. This index is the Corruptions Perceptions Index. I went through the cite note just to see where America is on this index and it shares the number 17 spot with Ireland, according to the CPI official site.
  9. Concerning Gross Domestic Product, there is a correlation between capitalism and prosperity. Index can be found linked externally here.
  10. I say onto the nations of the world: If you want your nations prosperous, then here is how you do it without any help from other nations: Forget ideology. Forget feelings. Forget your idea of this and that. Look at the charts I have linked, scientifically analyze what the top 24 richest nations [nominal] per capita do to be so prosperous. And do as they do.


I truly cannot get behind people hating that other people are happy. People in general should be happy and grateful for the world that science and capitalism have worked as a team to deliver for us during the Age of Enlightenment, circa 17th and 18th centuries AD. And one more thing before I sign my post – the difference between real equality and legislated equality: Capitalism, or at least Laissez Faire [pure] capitalism, brings about Real social equality by guaranteeing an equal playing field, where people of all demographics are all held to the same standard with the only exceptions duly noted being a result of an individual’s own work ethic. Socialism, of any sort, brings about Fake social equality by forcing everyone to remain poor at all times and in most fiscally socialist countries nowadays even favoring people of one religion over people of other religions and just as well over atheists, fellow deists, and other secular folk. Thank you all for reading,



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