Bailey’s Irish Chocolate Coffee Creamer Review

Yes, I am taking a break from ideology commentary to make a review most can understand. Yes, I am going to spend the next many days attempting to balance reviews & commentary. So let us discuss this coffee creamer the usual reviewing way of mine: First Negatives, then Positives, lastly Final Verdict.


  1. Quite a bit too sweet for me on its own
  2. Does come in a relatively small bottle [32 fluid ounces]
  3. How can a milk product have no calcium? That makes no sense!


  1. Lovely chocolate texture
  2. chocolate flavor allows it to improve my coffee drastically
  3. I love the fact that there is absolutely no alcohol in this creamer
  4. The beauty of the smell… Bravo.
  5. The cold aspect of this creamer makes my coffee safer to drink in the right dose
  6. Mixed chocolate & coffee flavor is endlessly entertaining
  7. Thicker milk product than actual milk, giving it, at least to me, a finer texture

Final Verdict

Positivity Ratio has been coupled with one of the all new “Deistic Valor Badge” [DVB] for anything I review I recommend to [almost] everyone living on an Earth-like planet. That said, this coffee creamer gets a PR-70, which is 10 points more than needed to prove my enjoyment of something, and the first DVB ever issued for a compilation of Star-stuff. Thank you all today,



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