Interesting Breitbart Article

I actually heard of Breitbart through the Libertarian Party giving me e-mail updates, shortly after asking them if they had anyone I could vote for in my state’s 2015 elections and my nation’s 2016 elections.

The article I am talking about is here

I am an Independent overall, but I lean very closely to the Libertarian Party. So this makes me a Libertarian-leaning Independent. The reason I am not fully Libertarian Partisan is because the LP opposes the Spread of Capitalism and the End of Tyrants and calls for Tyrants to be allowed to continue their atrocities against their own people, and for the United States to NOT Spread Capitalism. Which makes no sense because – how can the LP oppose Ending Tyranny and replacing it with Laissez-faire if the LP constantly preaches and practices support for Laissez-faire and opposition to tyranny right here within US borders!? Consistency, LP, it will help you tremendously!

I should know as someone living in the northeastern US that people in the Demopublican Party [yes, I did actually just go there] in my region speak entirely of how to best rebuild a community pool and never at all of real Civil Society concerns like 97% of Sexual Violence going entirely unpunished. The Democratic and Republican Party [Demopublicans] can agree on one thing for all the dissent they have toward each other – that they are the only parties that should be allowed a voice on any issue. In other words, they can agree on silencing people who actually care about peace and prosperity.

And come to think of it, this article helped me know exactly why I never see LP people on TV: Not because of their undeniable and deplorable naivety in foreign policy & national security, no no & no; rather it is because the people I know as the Demopublicans are changing the rules mid-game in order to stay in power, and to keep us dropping a rank per year in the Democracy Index and the Index of Economic Freedom, among other Liberty Indexes.

The Democrat and Republican Parties are both very dishonest to. Instead of letting us vote for the exact politicians and parties we have the most common ground with, these two parties will start stealing votes from the third parties, that is when Political Action Committees become just a memory is when this is guaranteed to happen. Or at least, I can see how this would be a factual and feelingless prediction for future elections. Right now in fact this is what the two major parties falsely accuse third parties of doing. This article helps me know the true purpose of ballot access laws, which are crafted to exterminate choice and dissent, but are being passed off as laws for “preventing voter fraud”.

If I were to go around asking all the people I know personally [and trust to give me straight to point answers] if more choice is better, I can assure you almost all of them would give a ‘yes’ answer. There is no discussion on real Domestic Topics like Cannabis Legalization, Civil Liberties restoration, Scientist Funding, Debt Ceiling, or replacing Income Taxes with Sales Taxes like a 10% National sales tax. Nor is there anything from either party about real Foreign Topics like Saudi Arabia’s self destructive misogyny, or Sudan’s Slave Trades & Genocides, or Syria’s Sarin Gas attack on Syria’s Non-Arab demographics, or why it is mandatory for the US to Spread Laissez-faire and to End Authoritarianism abroad. Instead these two parties discuss trivial things like “[politician’s name here] drinks [alcoholic beverage here] wwwaaaaayyy too often to be [political position here]!!!”. At my workplace sometimes I see evidence of this on the Tabloid magazines, or I’m sorry, Tabloid venoms, that somehow still get marketed. Well, the good news is not many people get their news from the Common Media anymore.

Alright, I am done picking apart our sorry excuse for an electoral system. Feel free to do some research into the article I mentioned and see how much you agree with it, for the only part of it I do not agree with is its endorsement of Non-interventionist foreign policy. However, this does not make me one for endless war, rather I know the US can achieve world peace by Spreading Laissez-faire – but obviously first the US must embrace Laissez-faire. Thank you,



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