Looking Forward to Total War Warhammer

Hello people. I am a fan of the strategy game series from Creative Assembly known as the Total War series, and so far my favorite volume ever is Medieval 2.

I am also a reduced Games Workshop hobbyist [‘reduced’ because they ruined their Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game that I spent much of the 2005 to 2011 time zone growing up on] who happens to regard the “Lizardmen” as my favorite Warhammer Fantasy Battle army

Though I have not collected miniatures based on these characters, I look forward to playing them in this new Creative Assembly game

The other positive I can see coming out of this is the fact that in terms of literary genre, Total War games are typically based on sections of Human History, and this volume is the best kind of diversion possible – FANTASY.

You can explore what information there is now by going here:


That’s all I have for now,



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