Summer Projects

This post is going to strictly be a list. Please and Thank you:

  1. Authoring & Illustrating My Dark Fantasy Comics
  2. Crafting Custom Design costumes
  3. Building Custom Design LEGO-like figures
  4. Expanding my War of the Ring The Fallen Realms army
  5. Making full-body drawings of dinosaurs & other prehistoric animals, using skeleton photos as reference pics
  6. Buying all of the 2001 to 2009 Lord of the Rings books from Games Workshop
  7. Keeping my normal job at a grocery store that’s only a 35 minute walk south of my condo [front-end is my department]
  8. Mastering Adûnaic [the language of Numenor in the Second Age of Middle earth, also the language of Harad, Rhûn, and Khand during the Third and Fourth Ages]
  9. Completing College Course application in a way that lands me in Community College Biology courses
  10. Traveling to many places outside of my village [including but not limited to Connecticon]
  11. Finally posting commentaries and reviews to my YouTube
  12. Improve my drawing, coloring, and writing skills on my own
  13. Get as many friends as can be visiting me and chilling with me outside of my home, one or two friends at a time

I think that is a solid list of summer projects for me, especially given that I only work 4 or 5 hours a day, and am usually awake and active for 15 hours or more per day. Thanks for understanding,



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