Concerning Goddesses

Despite the format of the title, this is not a Lord of the Rings article, common as those are here.

Instead this is authoring and illustrating my taste in women and why it is.

Now keep in mind, I am a Deist, I believe God[dess?] to be a purely Non-personal force in the universe, so the use of the label Goddesses is purely a metaphor for how positively I feel about a woman of my taste in women on sight.

When it comes to women, I say the goddesses among them are the slim white ones with black hair, azure eyes, and glasses; but for mainly personality-based reasons, contrary to what one might believe about me having these preferences.

  1. Black hair, at least to me, means the woman is most likely crafty, creative, brave, resilient, and playfully mysterious in the best possible ways.
  2. Azure eyes, like any kind of blue eyes, usually [but not always] means extrovert with huge smarts and optimism all over the brain, teamed with a willingness to keep people generally happy.
  3. Glasses, or at least to me, are a sign of a woman being a fellow nerd [speaking of which I have become more of a drawing & crafting nerd just in time for summer but that’s next article] – specifically glasses make me think, “Hey! Maybe she might be into all of this Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Lord of the Rings and Oblivion and Skyrim stuff that I am into!”
  4. Believe it or not, me only being attracted to white women does not stem from race related things, and I will explain in an article I am looking to do after my “What Kind of Nerd am I” article why I hate racism and what needs to be done to get rid of it. Instead, my preference of white women is purely because they are more often religiously Unaffiliated ladies than other race women are, also because white women have probably the largest libertarian and laissez-faire psychographic of any demographic of women. Again, this preference is purely based on political & religious common ground potentials. Not on any race-related guarantees.

So four of my five criteria bits are about nothing but potential personality traits.

If anyone saw the title thinking this would be a LOTR article because of the word “Concerning” being followed by a plural pronoun, I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused and I look forward to discussing both the usual topics and new topics in the future. Thanks all,



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