How Capitalism Can Earn Victory in 2016

This article applies to both the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party. However, due to differences in party platforms, and therefore differences in party actions, I will be analyzing a bit more intricately than one might expect. I will also be stepping into the shoes of majorities of voters as well, to give the Pro-Capitalism parties [GOP and LP] some ideas of platform reform.

As fixing our economy is the most important thing, I will start with economy. We want our finances put in order, and our markets liberated. Therefore the GOP and LP should be uniting against the Democrats on behalf of the following mutual goals:

  1. Polling data indicates that 75% of voters want Laissez-faire recovery, 52% of voters do not approve of government “Stimulating” the economy. These two parties, GOP and LP, will have no problem catering to this.
  2. It is implied by bar graph data on the “10,000 commandments” document that 80% of today’s America’s purely needless 90,000 regulations are social controls, 20% are economic regulations. A legit stimulus package will seek to wipe at least 75% of both the social controls and at least 75% the economic controls.
  3. Financial Regulation Polling Data tells that 61% of voters oppose the bailing out of failing banks. The other thing I observe from poll comments I have read is that not very many people are supportive of legal tender laws, and that not very many people mind using foreign currency. In fact, in a survey of my fellow millennials in particular, 49% favor legalizing Bit Coin & foreign currencies, 45% oppose. The GOP should therefore join the LP in pushing to legalize bit coin and foreign currencies.
  4. Debt Ceiling polling and Government Spending polling put together confirm that 65% of voters oppose raising the debt ceiling and 63% call for cuts to government spending.
  5. Welfare polling says 79% of voters want Welfare reduction, but only 2% of voters want it eliminated altogether. The other 77% prefer an idea of requiring welfare applicants to have a source of earned income to qualify for welfare, be it a job, novel series, online review show, or other monetization capable activity that has one earning income. Both capitalist parties [Republicans and Libertarians] should seek to work together on this variant of welfare reform in order to earn the popular vote in 2016.
  6. Most voters [59%] regard the right way to deal with the trouble with Labor Unions to be to heavily limit their powers, including by means of banning them from making political donations. This 59% believes Labor Unions can Help the economy if these reforms are made.
  7. Polling data about the Medicine Industry confirms, in separate Polling pages, that 53% of voters want Obama Care either completely repealed or vastly reduced. 69% Approve of legalizing and regulating Cannabis instead of waging war on it. Some within this 69% even favor taxing it like we tax Tobacco. Cannabis is actually somewhere in which the GOP must change its platform in order to attract voters and prove they care what voters have to say. The LP on the other hand is all set on both Cannabis and Obama-care.
  8. As the LP notes, 70% of Teachers oppose Common Core. The good news not just for them but for the GOP as well is 57% of voters also oppose Common Core.
  9. With Energy and Fuel, catering to the voters means Permitting drilling for oil as 62% of voters do, while opposing fracking for natural gas as 51% of voters do. It also means giving Tax breaks to all Alternative Fuel industries, from solar to wind to hydro. In other words, 66% of voters would like to see those in charge making Alternative Energy options to be Non-taxed options.
  10. On Immigration, the GOP has platform reform to do on Immigration [59% of voters want immigrants to be granted paths to citizenship, 51% approve of immigrant employment] while the LP must toughen its platform on Border Security [72% of voters believe in much stronger-than-present Border Security].

The GOP repulses voters on Gay Marriage and both capitalist parties repulse voters on the Religious Freedom Act, the following platform reforms can and will help:

  1. Both LP and GOP should work together to push for legislation defining marriage as between consenting adults. No gender words, no numbers. Just Consenting Adults, with large emphasis on the Consent thing. This would likely earn them 66% of the popular vote, including most of the gay and female votes, hopefully.
  2. Both LP and GOP need to side with 53% of voters against religious prejudices, with regards to the Religious “Freedom” act. As a Deist and a Laissez-faire thinker, I guarantee this change will be mutually beneficial to the GOP as well as the LP.

I choose not to discuss abortion because almost all of my stances on women’s health have nothing to do with abortion, and instead my stances focus on effectively addressing sexual violence, which in fact means the GOP and LP should push together to solely & harshly target perpetrators as follows:

  1. Reform sex ed classes to teach that sexual violence is inherently evil and a sign of breaking contact with humanity
  2. Reform sex ed classes to teach mutual consent and respect for others’ bodies to all students
  3. Reform sex ed classes to teach against sexually predatory behavior and about how to tell sexual predators apart from socially awkward people
  4. Reform sex ed classes to teach that the idea that all males are inherently predatory is a negative stereotype with nothing to do with reality.

In other words, GOP and LP can still disagree on abortion, but should focus and unite on women’s health [including improving women’s overall happiness].

In foreign policy, most voters are simultaneously repulsed by all political parties. The GOP and LP can fix this problem for themselves and each other by catering to the following majorities:

  1. Military Spending poll indicates 62% of voters do not want any budget cuts to the military, and far more want the military budget kept as-is than want it increased
  2. Terrorism poll says 71% of Americans do not want foreign terrorism suspects to have constitutional rights, but far more of these oppose “enhanced interrogation” than support it.
  3. Israel polling data confirms 60% of voters want America to stay allies with Israel, the most popular detailed “Yes” answer being to respect Israel’s sovereignty and stop telling it how to interact with its neighbors.
  4. A slight majority [52%] of voters agree with War on Islamic States like ISIS, only 5% agree with current LP stance of waiting until they attack us on US soil.
  5. Polling data on Sudan says 49% of voters support using US military to end the Sudan genocide, 37% oppose.
  6. Regarding Saudi Arabia, 57% of voters hold negative attitudes toward that… nation… and 60% say they are part of the problems America and the rest of the Capitalist Bloc [OECD] face with defense. 72% of voters [especially me] refuse to trust Saudi Arabia, and 71% realize Saudi Arabia is not cooperating with Good.
  7. A Foreign Intervention Poll indicates that while 81% of voters say no to acting unilaterally in foreign affairs, the most popular detailed “no” answer is the one making exceptions for both Humanitarian Intervention and National Security.

So in conclusion, the GOP and the LP should seek to be similar to each other in the above ways. And I am not saying to vote for both of them, I am encouraging these two parties [LP and GOP] to rework their platforms to make themselves far more appealing to the voting public than the Democrats, who have proven how much more disinterest they have in the voters’ popular opinion with their decision to appoint Hillary without even so much as considering a primary. If these reforms are made to the Republican and Libertarian parties, then one of them will attract the popular vote. I will let you all reading this guess which one. Thank you for your time,



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