Rise of Men of Darkness

Hello people. Yes, this is a post about Middle earth lore. This time I concern myself with the History, specifically what motivated the Haradrim, the Easterlings & the Variags to go from Chaotic Neutral to Neutral Evil

Chapter 1 – Relations with Numenor

In the Novels; The Men of Harad, Men of Rhûn, and Men of Khand [Men of The East] began their relations with the Men of Numenor with peace, free trade, and Non-alliance friendship, or should I say Friendly Neutrality? Anyway, Numenor and The East not only respected each other’s sovereignty, they actually had cultural exchanges and were teachers to each other of ideas – while Numenor taught The East how to work metals, how to mint currency, and all around how to make civilization; The East taught Numenor how to be good horse owners, how to harvest exotic spices from herbs and vegetables, and how to make dyes out of plant specimens, among other things initially only The East understood.

Chapter 2 – Loss of National Sovereignties

Sadly, this is where everything between the Western and Eastern hemispheres of the “World of Men” began to go to tainted nature: After the end of the reign of Tar-Ciryatan, Men of Numenor didn’t want to treat Men of The East as partners in economic policy shaping for Middle-earth, and wanted to treat them as lesser beings to be entitled to the properties of instead. So thus they went into oppressing The East and demanding free thing, and stripped them of their sovereignties and disbanding their three militaries. Eventually, Ar-Pharazon, a Numenor King brought up on hatred of Men of The East, waged war on Harad, Khand and Rhûn, enslaving the humans of these lands and using them as human sacrifices.

Chapter 3 – Campaign to Seize Back Sovereignties

This all lead to the people of the three nations of The East seeking a messiah who could restore their national sovereignties. But of course, they found their messiah to be someone who just happened to be Sauron, the Dark Lord, who had just gotten back from escaping the sinking of Numenor, therefore it likely only took mere minutes for Sauron and Men of The East to come to an eternal agreement they could both be 10000% comfortable with. Feeling absolute embarrassment over his failed attempt at making Numenor his property, Sauron sought revenge on Men of Numenor through Men of The East, and Men of The East’s rational fear of Men of Numenor became a genocidal and bloodthirsty obsession for poisoning, burning, melting, starving and slaughtering every human of Numenorean descent. The Dark Lord was the way for The Eastern Kingdoms to take back their National Sovereignties after everything they’d suffered. The Middle-earth lore novels have meaning behind “Men of Darkness”. There is a meaning behind the bond that The Eastern Realms [Haradrim, Easterlings, Variags] shared with The Lord of the Rings [Sauron]. He had made not one but three nations that had become powerless and subject to abysmal living conditions into three immensely strong military empires run by lineages of absolute overlords. And the reason Sauron never had negative thoughts on the Men of The East is because he needed them in order to be the numerically superior side of his wars with the Free Peoples of Middle earth. Sauron needed to hold on to his alliances with Harad, Rhûn and Khand in order to have a giant numeric advantage on the Free Peoples, and these three nations needed this Dark Lord in order to super-power and maintain national sovereignties. The two sides of this alliance became the equal of steroids to one-another – the Mordor & MotE [Harad, Rhûn, Khand] alliance is an addiction for both sides of the alliance, it is a drug for Mordor and for MotE as well. Which is why in the Fourth Age, The East had plenty of trouble making peace with The West and avoiding claiming revenge for the death of Sauron. It’s also why J.R.R. Tolkien’s final novel plans were all about sequel or two sequels to LOTR with a mass unifier of MotE as the main villain, titled “The New Shadow“.


So overall, Men of Darkness, or Men of the East or “MotE” are not spiteful villains, but vengeful ones. There is a vast difference, even duly noted on Wiktionary:



New word I learned from this investigation – “Revanchist” – sums up the brand of Neutrally Evil Villain the MotE are:


Overall, the MotE are Revanchists, rather than Barbarians or Brigands. Thus concludes this post. Thank you all,



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