Who I Ought to Vote For

In the United States of America, my nation of residence

Here is a simplistic list of my results from my take of this site’s quiz: http://www.isidewith.com/

Top 3 American Party choices:

  • 83% Libertarian
  • 77% Republican
  • 75% Constitution

Top 3 American President choices [for 2016]:

  • 82% Marco Rubio
  • 77% Ted Cruz
  • 72% Rand Paul

Place on ideology map [8 by 8 arrangement of 64 blocks]:

  • Half a block Rightward
  • One full block Upward
  • This makes me ideologically a Libertarian
  • I support policies that expand personal freedom and expand economic freedom

In the Republic of Ireland, home of almost all of my DNA

According to a Select Smart Quiz:

Top 3 Irish Party results:

  • 79% Fine Gael
  • 58% Fianna Fail [I am sure this last name is pronounced like “fall”, not like “fail”]
  • 29% Green

In New Zealand, my favorite Non-US nation on Earth [for many reasons]

According to a different Select Smart Quiz:

Top 3 NZ Party results:

  • 100% ACT
  • 77% Nationals
  • 24% United Future

In Sweden, the most Atheistic, Deistic & other Secular nation on Earth

According to a third Select Smart Quiz:

Top 3 Swedish Party results:

  • 100% Classical Liberal
  • 77% Liberal Peoples
  • 71% Centre Party and/or Moderates

To address a great many things generally

Easily, there is plenty of room in all four of these nations [including America] for a Party who I could take an I-Side-With style quiz and get a perfect 100% for common ground ratio with it.

But before I state what that means, why did I include not one but three different nations I do not have citizenship in? Well, the reasoning varies by nation:

  • I included Ireland because my family’s late 19th Century AD ancestors migrated over here from Ireland, therefore that country is family to me…
  • I included New Zealand because I love more than just the politics of that nation: I love the culture, the cuisine ideas, the secularity [42% non-religious], the biodiversity, the remarkable support for legit sciences [i.e. 75% of NZ believing in evolution] and of course I adore NZ because my favorite fictional universe ever was adapted into three movies that are near-perfect 12 out of 5 kind of movies to me and also into another three that were, at least to me, “enjoyably bad” movies; and both of these were at NZ.
  • I included Sweden because 85% of that nation’s public identifies as Deist, Atheist or other secular. This means a lot to me mainly because most of the people who have invented the world’s Good ideas [Capitalism, Individualism, Libertarianism, Individualist Feminism, Science] were Deists like myself, making this whole “85% Deists and other Non-religious” thing about as personal to me as my reasoning for including Ireland in this page.

Now we can talk about what kind of Party I would side 100% with on an I Side With quiz if such a party existed:

  1. Voting is not for analytic thinkers, even the smartest people always have to just take online matching quizzes and then vote for whoever has the most common ground. For example, in the 2016 elections, I may have to vote Rubio in the GOP primaries and then in the general election, and then I guarantee he is going to lead the US in ways that I will despise 18% of. In other words, I profoundly disagree with him on 1 in every 5 political issues.
  2. Like I said above, plenty of room exists for a Political Party that I can actually be proud to be a member of.
  3. That voting does not cater to factual people like me leads me to believe that’s why there is no party in America or in other nations that is what I seek.

I would love to register to vote and vote strictly for a Party that is:

  • Libertarian – Secular, Supportive of Civil Liberties, Supportive of Expanded Science funding, Opposed to spring & summer fashion policing, Supportive of Freedom of Food, Opposed to Censorship;
  • Individualist Feminist – Supportive of Defining Marriage as Consenting Adults, Supportive of Comprehensive Sex Ed, Supportive of Inflated harshness on Sexual Violence [SV] perpetrators, Opposed to even thinking about making SV the victim’s fault for any reason;
  • Laissez-faire – Opposed to government Regulations, Opposed to subsidies, Opposed to legal privileges, Opposed to tariffs, Opposed to all income taxes, Supportive of a “Sales Taxes only” form of taxing citizens, Supportive of Market Competition, Opposed to Nanny Laws, Supportive of Supply And Demand, Opposed to legal entitlements, Supportive of realistic capitalist incentives to supplant restrictions, Supportive of Squishing the Debt Ceiling, Supportive of Abolishing Agencies of Unconstitutional purpose;
  • Wilsonian – Laissez-faire Supremacist, Supportive of Israel, Opposed to Military budget cuts, Supportive of Humanitarian Intervention, Supportive of the OECD, Opposed to the UN, Supportive of Unlimited Free Trade, Opposed to foreign aid to nations not in OECD, Supportive of Laissez-faire Regime Change, Opposed to Democratic Regime Change, Opposed to Sharia, Opposed to Jihad, Opposed to the Salafi Empire, and Supportive of the War On the Salafi Empire [most commonly known as the War On Terrorism]

I believe I don’t need to explain again why a political party meeting all four bullet pointed lists of the above criteria does not exist anywhere on the planet. Not to mention, there are plenty of people who’d readily confuse LRC [Laissez-faire Regime Change] with DRC [Democratic Regime Change]. So to close up this post, the next time you don’t know who to vote for, look to I Side With, or if you’re nation is not there, go to Select Smart’s Politics section. And take the Party Selector quizzes. Thank you,



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