Republitarian label vs Neolibertarian label

Remember in my reaction to yesterday’s ruling I said I would explain the ‘republitarian’ label meaning?

Well, here it is; my definition of republitarian:

The term republitarian, at least to me, puts the word ‘republic‘ for ‘a government where elected individuals represent the population’ and the suffix ‘-arian‘ for ‘advocate’ together. This means a republitarian, disregarding party affiliations, is a person who advocates a government where elected individuals represent the population. This basically makes Classical Liberalism, the liberalism I identify with, a republitarian ideology.

At least to me, a republitarian is someone who constantly pushes for Civil Liberties and Political Freedom with republicanism [not as in the GOP, but as in government by a republic] under Rule of Law and for economic Laissez-faire. Now this may sound like libertarianism, but where republitarianism differs is that it solidifies its support for Republics, and cannot be hijacked by Anarchists as libertarianism was.

In foreign policy, the republitarian seeks to implement an active global policy to spread civil liberties and political freedom, to spread laissez-faire economics, and to defend foreign republics like Israel. Now, this part may sound similar to neoconservatism, but republitarianism differs drastically by calling for Laissez-faire Regime Change. This is the process of letting the Free Market take over for our troops after they defeat an Authoritarian Regime. This process allows a newly liberated population to organically arrange a type of Republic [be it Geniocratic {candidates needing to be highly intelligent and factual to run for office}, Meritocratic {candidates needing to have a particular talent in at least one related area}, Timocratic {candidates needing to have done honorably by their communities to qualify, the kind of republic America started off as}, Constitutional, Democratic, Parliamentary, or Federal] and therefore allows them to work with the ideas they’ll be importing through unlimited, Multilateral free trade and to recognize which ideas work for their chosen kind of Republic, and which ideas do not. And this is all as opposed to the thuggish Nation-Building of Neocon-approved Democratic Regime Change.

Yes, I am defining “republitarian” to mean “a libertarian who supports making every government on Earth including one’s own a Republic”. Many people out there already do. Oh, and to answer potential questions of party affiliation, I am basically libertarian partisan with a lower-case L on economic, domestic policy, environmental, healthcare, education, and social issues; but I am also republican partisan with a lower-case R on foreign policy and immigration issues. And the immigration part is to say I simultaneously support policies that make freedom-seeking immigration a breeze and policies that make tyrannical immigration impossible.

So, in conclusion, republitarian is a superior label to Neolibertarian because it has fewer syllables, making it a smaller word, and also because it implicitly implies support for republics with limited authority, both overseas and domestically. Thank you all for understanding my use of “republitarian” in a Nonpartisan context,



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