The June 26th 2015 Marriage Equality Ruling

So, I hear today [or was it yesterday?] that the Supreme Court ruled that all states must legally recognize Same-sex Marriage, claiming that it’s in the U.S. Constitution. I have a slew of things to say about this subject.

First thing to say, as a republitarian [“republic advocate”, I will explain how this is a better term for Libertarian Hawk than ‘neolibertarian’ in a different post] I believe in defining marriage as between CONSENTING Adults, and I therefore applaud that LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender] couples can finally marry legally in any state.

Second thing to say, I actually examined the Constitution many times, and found that the word “marriage” does not appear once. However, Amendments Four, Nine, and Fourteen contain provisions that make it Unconstitutional for government to make marriage laws, make it possible to define Marriage Equality as a Civil Liberty, and make it illegal for government to discriminate against either LGBT folk or straight folks like me; respectively. The Ninth Amendment has a lot of defining to have done for it, but we’ll get to that when we get to that.

Third thing to say, as a deist, I want to bring up two things the Bible and the Koran have in common: lack of statement on Marriage Equality, and Prescription of Death Penalty for one having what we may know today as the LGBT gene. But in Political Practice, this is where we observe modern Christianity as vastly morally superior to modern Islam: the vast majority of Christian politicians all over today’s world believe in some form of Gays being legally recognized as human beings, including or excluding marriage equality depending on the nation or province, as you will see on the map below:

Gay Legality By Nation

Darkest Blue means Marriage Equality is included in a fully Pro-Gay-equality edict. Lighter blues mean different levels of being generally humane toward LGBT folk. Israel, for example, recognizes LGBT marriages but does not perform them. As for Islam, most Muslim politicians prove themselves through policymaking to prescribe Imprisonment, Life in Prison, and in seven different nations’ cases Death Penalty for being of LGBT orientation.

Fourth thing to say, I honestly do not think government needs to be involved in marriage. No, I seriously don’t, rather I call for marriage to instead be a privately owned contract between consenting adults, and it should also be entirely up to the marrying couple whether to make their own marriage a secular decision or a religious one. If I was marrying a woman I loved enough to wish to marry, for example, odds are her and I would both want it to be a secular decision, and both her and I would want to own our marriage privately, as opposed to the government owning our marriage even though it’s not their ceremony.

Final thing to say about this ruling before I move on to posting about other things, I see this ruling as evidence that the NGO [Non-Government Organization] we know as “Log Cabin Republicans” knows exactly what they are speaking of when they say “inclusion wins”. I read up their response to this ruling and here you can read it to.

Well, that about concludes my thoughts on this ruling, so let me recap with super-short versions of what I think:

  1. I am happy and grateful gays can marry legally anywhere in America as of today.
  2. The Constitution doesn’t use the word marriage once but marriage equality can be defended by the 14th Amendment and/or included in the 9th.
  3. That politicians of Earth, most of whom are personally Christian, got Marriage Equality legal all over America; is one example of many how generally civilized modern Christianity is.
  4. Take the government out of marriage and make it a privately owned decision between the marrying couple instead.
  5. Log Cabin Republicans’ educating the GOP about how “inclusion wins” finally paid off

Now, I shall move on to other topics in other posts. Thank you all for hearing my thoughts,



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