Another Explain of my Libertarianism

I am doing this just as a friendly reminder to EVERYONE on the planet, no matter their political party affiliation.

Personal Freedom & Economic Freedom

I am a Libertarian, not a Conservative!

No matter how many e-mails the Republican National Committee may send me asking me favors while calling me a “Conservative”, I will have them know I am absolutely not a Conservative, even though I do support Fiscal Conservative economics.

Every online quiz I take in politics based on how I honestly feel about social and economic issues of the US… tells me I am a libertarian, as opposed to a conservative. Some examples:

  1. the World’s smallest political quiz ranks me at 90% and 90% for Personal Freedom and Economic Freedom, respectively. This puts me deep in their corner, but not insanely deep in their corner.
  2. the I-side-with Candidate finder ranks me as being 71% Libertarian Party material [though I wouldn’t vote for them]. But they incorrectly call me a Centrist but in reality I am a libertarian.
  3. the libertarian purity test gives me a similar score: 75 points of 160, calling me “medium core” and “self consciously so”.


  1. I support any form of Free Speech as sciences like Zoology need free speech & I LOVE Zoology,
  2. I oppose Gun Control as tyrannical,
  3. I support legalizing Gay Marriage,
  4. I support legally holding Cannabis to the standards we currently hold Tobacco to,
  5. I am in the middle on Abortion as to me Quickening [which happens after 5 months] is the line between personal freedom and violent crime,
  6. I support pure Internet freedom as a key to growing scientific thought,
  7. I support letting people fly any flags they want, even if it’s, for example, a fictional nation’s flag [looking at the Confederate Flag issue as a waste of time and resources],
  8. and I support Net Neutrality, but I do not support giving FCC regulatory power to achieve Net Neutrality.


  1. I support replacing current federal Taxes code with the FairTax [but with a 12% rate, not 23%],
  2. I oppose raising the Debt Ceiling & call for Cuts To Spending,
  3. I oppose Government Medicinal programs like Obama Care and Medicaid and call for health to be purely between doctor and patient,
  4. I oppose the Drug War and call for hard drugs to be dealt with through mandatory rehab in place of war,
  5. I oppose Common Core and other government repressions of education as garbage,
  6. I support replacing social welfare with NGO-owned charities,
  7. I support multilateral Free Trade agreements,
  8. I oppose Labor Unions while opposing Subsidies

Homeland Security & Foreign Policy

I am a Neoconservative, not a Paleoconservative.

Okay, obviously my support for personal freedom and my belief in Multilateral activity prevents me from being 100% Neo-con with regard to Security and Military stuffs. However, of the conservative archetypes, the closest ones to me are Fiscal conservatives and Neoconservatives, while the ones farthest from me are Social conservatives and Paleoconservatives. And ultimately I am not a conservative and also not a liberal.



  1. Oppose a strong military that ends tyrannies globally
  2. Support stringent immigration laws
  3. Oppose making legal immigration easier
  4. Oppose multiculturalism
  5. Oppose foreign aid
  6. Oppose Free Trade [WHY!?]
  7. Oppose affirmative action
  8. Oppose the secular-state
  9. Oppose the spread of Capitalism
  10. Support letting foreign tyrants endlessly abuse their populations


  1. Support a strong military that ends tyrannies globally
  2. Oppose stringent immigration laws
  3. Support making legal immigration easier [gee, just like most libertarians!]
  4. Support multiculturalism [The West is the only multicultural culture, right?]
  5. Support foreign aid
  6. Support Free Trade
  7. Support affirmative action
  8. Are split on the secular-state, some support it & some regrettably do not
  9. Support the spread of Capitalism
  10. Oppose letting foreign tyrants endlessly abuse their populations

As a libertarian, I myself…

  1. Support a strong military that ends tyrannies globally
  2. Oppose stringent immigration laws
  3. Support making legal immigration easier
  4. Support multiculturalism
  5. Oppose foreign aid [unless it is to true allies like Israel and other Capitalist Republics]
  6. Support Free Trade
  7. Oppose affirmative action [I see this as something that teaches women & such minority people as atheists and fellow deists to rely on minority status instead of on personal talents to get ahead]
  8. Vastly support the secular-state [not just because I am deist but far more because I have nothing against people expressing their religious or non-religious beliefs and I also have nothing against people explaining how religious or non-religious they are]
  9. Support the spread of Capitalism
  10. Oppose letting foreign tyrants endlessly abuse their citizens

Other ways I differ from “Neocon” Conservatives include my opposition to Nation-building and my support for letting newly liberated populations import ideas from our civilians so they can organically build a republic of their own. So basically “Paleocon” or just “Paleo” libertarians, as most libertarians are, are not real libertarians to me but rather liberty-leaning Centrists. The “Neocon” or simply “Neo” libertarians like myself can prove that our support for spreading Capitalism and our much fiercer opposition to Authoritarianism and belief that a libertarian principled republic is the best government for any nation of humanity and not just for America all make us the Legit libertarians

Why I keep using the word “republic”

I keep using that word “republic” in this essay – what kind of republic am I advocating here? The answer is simple: I am calling for, as all my fellow libertarians should be calling for, the best kind of government for any nation of humanity – a Republic, to be exact a Free-Market, Secular-state, Permissive-society Republic. Or, in short, a Classically Liberal Republic. But as an aspiring zoologist, I wish to use animals as metaphors of what kind of national security and military defense a classically liberal republic should have. The classically liberal republic should not be a Hedgehog republic as most libertarians regrettably call for. Instead, what we need is a Horned Owl republic. In ornithology [the science of birds], horned owls are known to be some of the physically largest as well as the most mentally vigilant kinds of owl alive today. This metaphor, though, highlights that the classically liberal republic should have a strong, robust, intelligent and capable military that is also highly intelligent and highly wise, as intelligent in this case means knowing which foreign governments deserve to live and which ones do not, while wise means knowing how to go about addressing what’s wrong with humanity. Also owls of any category are often associated with wisdom.

So, to define a Horned Owl republic as a dictionary would:

  • A horned owl republic is a permissive society that operates as a Republic upholding civil liberties and political freedom with universal suffrage, limited authority, and emphasis on economic freedom, and also has a foreign policy of spreading capitalism, defending fellow republics and getting rid of sectarian tyrants.

No other utopia will work for humanity. But for every nation on Earth to be its own Horned Owl Republic will work well permanently.

Closing thoughts

Well, I think I have explained why my libertarianism is true libertarianism. Thank you all for reading,



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