Reviewing my 2016 Presidential Choice

Hello people. I want to write a review of the Marco Rubio presidential campaign, in order to let people know why I have made my choice as well as what makes me proud of my choice and what makes me embarrassed to.

Like in any review I do of a Mountain Dew flavor, a red meat, a white meat, a video game, a movie, a TV show episode, a metal-music song, etc; I will start this political campaign review with the negatives, then merging into positives, and I will issue a Final Verdict.

The Negatives

  1. Rubio claims that defining marriage should be left entirely to the States. I can respect the fact that he is trying to enforce the 10th Amendment, I can also respect the fact that the word “marriage” does not appear once in the Constitution. However, given that the recent marriage equality ruling is is a boost in personal freedom, given that the 4th Amendment does not allow government on any level to breach private contracts, and given that marriage is rightfully a private contract between consenting adults; I cannot at all get behind Rubio’s stance on marriage equality.
  2. Rubio is not in the middle on abortion, being fully Pro-life. Which is regrettable because I see nothing wrong with drawing the line at the Quickening stage, which there is a 5-month waiting increment for. This comes form me thinking the process should be legal in most cases, and so long as it is not partial-birth. However, I will not factor this in as purely negative…

The Positives

  1. Rubio aims to make this century a second American Century, “second” meaning the 20th Century (1901 – 1999) ended up being the first American Century as a result of Laissez-faire economics. The policies he offers, for the most part, will achieve this for us.
  2. Rubio knows all very well that it’s a bad idea to make policies about Tyrants like Obama made about declaring Cuba’s dictator legit. Rubio knows that Cuba, like other Tyrannies, also works against US interests like Free Trade 100% of the time.
  3. Rubio knows exactly as well as Libertarian Party alternative Gary Johnson that the biggest threat to our national security as our national debt. He therefore offers to Reduce government spending first and then reduce government regulation.
  4. He knows that a stronger, more capable military does not mean provoking more aggression, that a more dynamic US military instead means that far fewer tyrannical genocidal empire governments plan to assault us than with a less dynamic US military.
  5. This candidate desires to honor our commitment to preserving the sacred ideal of Liberty in Europe and beyond, even quoting a line from the World War II Memorial in Washington DC that is actually a fact.
  6. Rubio knows that Obama has not taken the threat of the Islamic-world Authoritarian Regimes anyhow seriously at all, and cites real life events as evidence: ISIS controlling half of Syria and a third of Iraq, Iran becoming fearless in their desire to colonize Israel and commit genocide on its ethnic Jewish majority, Syria’s established Tyrant gassing Syrians to death. Rubio therefore wants to get us doing foreign policy right again. He recognizes that to ignore human rights situations abroad is inexcusably criminal. I wish I could say the same about all of my fellow libertarians! Instead I can only say that about a minority of them…
  7. Iran is a vastly bigoted Authoritarian Regime that the doctrine of Sharia controls every aspect of life in. And our response to their evil is nothing short of weak, and this candidate knows what’s right is to strong against such cruel Regimes worldwide.
  8. Rubio has a willingness to stand strong against Sharia expansionism in general, which is made evident in him having two separate pages about Iran
  9. This person desires for our military to stand strong against ISIS, and while Rubio does mistakenly think we have any legit partners in the West-Asia-North-Africa [WANA] region aside from Israel, at least he is ready and willing to stand strong against ISIS.
  10. He also knows we need allies like Israel, especially in the WANA region; basically Laissez-faire Republics. In other words, Rubio knows our non-allied partners apart from the freedom-loving Israel.
  11. Rubio knows that free-market healthcare is vastly superior to government-subsidized healthcare, and offers to reform medical policy accordingly
  12. Rubio recognizes the absolute right to gun ownership as something government is required by Constitution to respect. I put this as a positive because even though I am not interested in guns myself, I have no problem requiring the government to let people choose whether to own guns or not.
  13. Not only does this candidate know that majors like business and Science are employing half as many people as they should be, but he wants us to know all of the facts and for Student Loans [known to college goers like myself as “financial aid”] to be entirely optional.
  14. Even though I am embarrassed by Rubio’s lack of support for the FairTax proposal, I am happy and grateful that he at least wants to simplify income taxes to just two simple brackets: 15% and 35%, and he wants We The People to decide whether to eliminate or reform deductions.
  15. Rubio is vastly against Internet regulation, and vastly supports Freedom on the Net. He has his hostility to FCC control of the internet to prove that he knows as well as I do that science NEEDS the light of Free Speech in order to make any progress. And given that Merchants are as much heroes of humanity as Scientists are, he has his pushes for internet to belong entirely to We The People and his emphasis on Merchant luck on the Net, those are what he can and should use as evidence of his support for Internet Freedom. And as a person looking to use the internet to sell most print copies of the Dark Fantasy comics I have going on; I see Rubio as an ally of Science’s go-to fuel: Free Expression
  16. As the offspring of two Veterans, and as I have inherited my looks from another veteran, I am disgusted to know the VA is mistreating out Veterans. I will not give personal info, but when I hear that Rubio has more desire than any other 2016 candidate and see evidence of it in his push for the VA Management Accountability Act, which basically gets abusive VA Managers fired, I easily see voting for him as me standing up for not just the Vets of my family but for all the Vets of the US.

Final Verdict

So… it is time for the Final Verdict. And this is all based on what I see, like, and dislike from Rubio’s campaign site. The Final Verdict for Rubio’s Presidential campaign and policy offers… is a 92. I say this person has most of politics done right, and is the most qualified of all the candidates. Yes, he is a Conservative and I am a Libertarian, that’s true but I don’t care about Social issues nearly as much as I care about our Economy and Foreign Policy being repaired, and Ending All Nanny Laws is my number-Two priority in between. And most are with me on my number-two priority! Most are with me on Economy being my absolute Number-1 priority to! And that same chart tells me the public’s number two priority is Defending Against Tyrannies, as is my number 3. And I haven’t seen Rubio’s actions or words on Ending the Nanny State, aside from in regard to media like the Internet, but he does offer the correct policies for Strengthening our Economy and re-legitimizing our Defense policy. Which is why I will vote for him in the Primaries, and hopefully also in the actual November 2016 elections. Thank you for reading and understanding this whole review,


By the way, if you like my Reviewing style, know that I have been 21 long enough to declare Stouts the only booze I ever drink, and I am happy to review Stouts, even though I only have one of them per week. Thanks again!


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