Anti Censorship Post

Governments, Societies, Cultures and Corporations all have something in common: an absolute LACK of warrant to censor speech, print, religion, irreligion, music, games, movies, shows or internet.

Now, there are a great many things I seek to address in this post, professionally without being politically correct [PC] but I will get to PC later in this post.

The Case for Free Expression

All the progress science has made over the millennia has been due to societal openness to New Ideas and to Questioning Authority. These are but two of many aspects of Free Speech.

So basically science NEEDS people to support any form of Free Speech in order to make ultimate progress.

Let me give you some proverbs on Free Speech to give you an idea who are the biggest allies of science, out of the three major political groups [left-wing liberal, right-wing conservative, middle-ground libertarian]

Left: “Speech, assembly, press, and Internet should be free but the government has a role in regulating certain speech, such as criminalizing hate speech and regulating sexual or violent content over public airwaves. Some limits should also be placed on campaign contributions to limit excessive influence by special interests and corporate entities.”

Middle: “Government should not restrict speech, press, media or Internet. The rights of free citizens who do not violate other people must be respected and protected at all times.”

Right: “Speech, assembly, press, and Internet should be free except when it comes to protecting against terrorism and other threats to public safety. Free speech zones can be established to protect the right of free speech while insuring security at public events.”

So tell me… who are the real allies of science? Left Wing Liberals? Or Middle Ground Libertarians?

The Case for Internet Freedom

Ah, yes, the internet… the thing you use to access me regularly!

What case can I make for the internet?

Ah, yes!

One can access news sources that report REAL Human Rights statuses around the globe instead of differing to Partisan Anchor Politics like ALL TV CHANNELS do. Fox News is NOT alone in Partisan Anchor biases. NBC does it just as often if not more often.

Outside of political studies though, I can assure you one can access some brilliant metal-musicians like Dave Draiman and the rest of Disturbed through the internet. You can go on YouTube to sample them and then to Amazon to buy their music, if you have placed part of your income into an Amazon account.

Moving on to Middle-earth lore, you can access all manner of different breakdowns on the accuracy of the Lord of the Rings movies in regard to many Middle-earth topics, and most of it you can access for free, as a matter of site owners charging advertisers for them showcasing ads on such sites. Which brings me to the Economic Benefit to Internet Liberty and how it and Laissez-faire work off each other near-perfectly.

Remember how I expressed an example of Amazon? Well there’s other web stores besides Amazon. eBay is easily one of them, giving the option of auctions. Tabletop Miniature companies I grew up on like Games Workshop thrive on Internet Liberty, especially where their [in my opinion] epic win product lines are concerned [War hammer Fantasy Battle and the Middle earth Saga Strategy Battle Game, as I call it of late].

Web Stores are not alone on helping the economy and pile-driving us into prosperity. Ever hear of Ad Revenue shares? Well, let me use YouTube as an example:

If you have been with YouTube for long enough, eventually they will give you the option of charging billion-dollar companies to advertise their items & services next to the window of your vid. About 1% of your audience will click the ads, and you will get about $5 per 1,000 clicks on average. For each one click that’s $0.005. So if you attract 300 people per hour to each video, and you get $0.02 per click, than each video is making you $1.44 per day, which means having 450 videos on your channel [in example] can give you $648 per day in total off your channel.

Blogs work something like this to! You can permit and charge companies to showcase ads on your blog, and the 1% of readers who click will be your income! If you have a blog with an average of 4,000 readers per page, and $0.016 per click, then that $0.64 per page you make can swell up to $128 per day if you post 200 new pages per day! Although… doing so would likely occupy, like, 4 or 5 hours of the 16 hours per day you spend awake [24 hour total minus 8 hours needed for sleep equals… SURPRISE!!!]

Oh, God I can go on forever about the beauty of the Internet! The 21-year-old, slim & slender, brown-haired, gray-eyed, Irish, Unaffiliated & Deistic, Mountain Dew chugging, Middle-earth loving, D&D liking, women-with-black-hair-&-blue-eyes adoring, pet-owl-wanting metalhead… that I am… is just as capable of building a popular service as any billion-dollar company owning… 42-year-old. As I also love to write and draw and to craft and cook, I can access just as many potential buyers as the largest Book store and/or largest Grocery store. I can even design shirts advertising Neocon Libertarianism and/or shirts advertising the religious status of Unaffiliated and access about as many buyers as Hot Topic typically accesses! I can even use the Amazon web store to get Duck Brand Color tapes to my door so I can get to selling well-crafted, full-body Cosplays!!!

Alright, enough gab about internet freedom. Now I must close with a case for religious freedom.

The Case for Freedom of Religion

Freedom of Religion. It’s what allows me to choose to be Unaffiliated and Secular as in a Deist, along with 68% of my fellow Unaffiliated and 16% of Best Nation on Earth [the US] as a whole. It is also what allows my favorite friend I ever made at my local public library to worship Odin, along with 960,000 other Americans. It is even what allows my Chosen One for 2016 to be a Catholic along with 21% of America. My fellow Unaffiliated and I make up 23% ourselves.

There are plenty of religions in this planet and there are at least four major nonreligious doctrines: Atheism, Deism, Agnosticism & Humanism. I can even give you a perfect example, given today’s events, of how Freedom of Religion works: an Arab Muslim is Arab until she passes away, but under Freedom of Religion she can change from Muslim to Atheist overnight, then she can change her mind again and renounce Atheism for Deism after three well-lived weeks.

Freedom of Religion also enables people to promote their religion or nonreligious ideal through peaceful means only. That means no Crusades and no Jihads, for example.

Freedom of Religion means, at least to Unaffiliated folks like me, choosing whether or not pretending to know everything is satisfactory in one’s opinion. So, on a personal level, you can actually choose whether you want to think religiously or scientifically, or even a bit of both. More and more to love about freedom of religion the more I think of it…

Closing Notation

Thanks all of you for hearing me out on this Anti-censorship page. I hope you enjoyed my cases and if you disagree with anything I have said, I have absolutely no problem with you or your opinion. Actually quite a contrary: I want to see to it government is not allowed to ban or restrict anyone’s opinions! Thanks again,



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