Marco Rubio, First Hispanic President of America

Now, I know what you are thinking: “The 2016 Elections have not happened yet!” Well, you are right, but this is merely about the future and why this is the future I paint a picture of. This also is about listing Marco’s qualifications to be President.

What are Marco’s Qualifications? Well…

  1. He defends Free Speech and Internet by combatting FCC’s Nanny-state laws
  2. He is pushing for a Flat Tax system [one-rate-for-all] and to lower the tax rates
  3. He has a Three-Part-Plan for making all medical decisions to be solely between doctor and patient
  4. He has a long history of Defending that Civil Liberty we know as Right to Self-Defense
  5. He opposes Debt Ceiling hikes and calls for Government to Cut Spending
  6. Like Gary Johnson, Marco Rubio also sees the $18 Trillion National Debt as the biggest threat to our National Security
  7. He knows we need to roll back economic regulations and nanny-state laws in order to create economic growth
  8. He demands transparency in Student Loan Data and seeks to reduce government involvement in education
  9. He knows Israel is the only West-Asia-North-Africa nation we can legit stand strong with
  10. He calls for effective action against Salafi Empire satraps [as I see them] like Iran, Syria, ISIS, Sudan, etc.
  11. He wants to repair our military’s budget from the damages done to it recently
  12. His “Rubio Doctrine” promotes American Strength [because it escalates Liberty in the world], Protecting Free Trade, and Moral Clarity regarding our endorsement of Civil Liberties and Free Markets.
  13. He refuses to ever declare a Dictator to be a legit ruler of one’s nation
  14. He knows exactly how to honor our commitment to Liberty in Europe that we started 7 decades ago.
  15. His messages and morals are full of optimism and huge ideas, two things that I, as an aspiring Zoologist, I love!

Did I miss anything? Oh, and he speaks Spanish very fluently, meaning there is evidence of him being Hispanic, but his racial traits do not matter. What matters is he is aiming to be in charge of defending all of us, Hispanic or Not.

This post is part 1 of a series of Rubio-for-President posts I will be doing… one of each month, perhaps. Unless his campaign has a positive development I can’t bring myself to not yet discuss. I am 94% Irish myself, but again – Racial traits mean absolutely nothing to me. It’s behavioral traits I observe as who someone is. Thank you lads,



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