SURPRISE! Episode 2, Carnivores

Hello people. Often times I find myself watching the BBC movie from 10 years ago, Walking with Monsters, and every time I get to the part about the Carboniferous and Early Permian, it reminds me of us humans having inherited our teeth from Dimetrodon, a strange sail-backed carnivorous mammal-like reptile. That’s right, our teeth our inherited through millions of years of evolution from Dimetrodon.

This episode of the SURPRISE saga delves into how Carnivorous preferences are based mainly on SCIENCE and EVIDENCE, and how Vegan and Vegetarian preferences and the whole Choose My Plate propaganda are purely based in FAITH and WISHFUL THINKING.

Firstly, the protein content per 100 grams of different foods. Starting with what this Protein thing is anyway.

Protein is the stuff that builds muscle, and with Iron and Vitamins B-6 and B-12 it also makes you a physically stronger person in general. They also build body tissue in general, not just muscle, and are fuel for you to be energetic and alert.

Now, let us examine protein, vitamin B, and iron content of different meats and animals per 100 grams:

  1. Cows as Beef: 26 grams of protein, 13% DV [daily value] of Iron, Combined sum of 65% DV of Vitamin B
  2. Pigs as Bacon: 37 grams protein, 35% DV of Vitamin B, 7% Dv of Iron, 11% DV of bone-builders [10-to-1 ratio of Vitamin D to Calcium]
  3. Chickens as meat: 30 grams of protein, Vitamins B-6 and B-12 stand at 30% and 5% respectively, Iron stands in at 6%
  4. Sheep as Mutton: 25 grams of protein, 43% DV of Vitamin B-12, 5% DV of Vitamin B-6, 10% DV of Iron
  5. Deer as Venison: 26 grams of protein, 63% DV of Vitamin B, and 18% DV of Iron, triple that of chicken meat.

Next, we contrast it with protein, vitamin B, and iron in 100 grams of each of the first five vegetables to come to my head:

  1. Lettuce: 1.4 grams of protein, 4% DV of Iron, 5% DV of Vitamin B [only B-6]
  2. Tomato: 0.9 grams of protein, 1% DV of iron, 5% DV of Vitamin B [only B-6]
  3. Carrots: No Joke – 0.9 grams of protein, 1% DV of iron, 5% DV of Vitamin B-6 and no Vitamin B-12
  4. Spinach: 2.4 grams protein, 15% DV of Iron, 10% DV of Vitamin B-6, but no B-12. That makes Spinach the only sane vegetable if you want to be alert almost all of the time.
  5. Potato: 2 grams protein, 4% DV of Iron, 15% DV of Vitamin B-6, no vitamin B-12

Going back to the teeth stuffs, it is mainly our front teeth that are for meat: Incisors sheer flesh from bone, our canines further cut & slice the sheered fleshes to ribbons, then our molars – our Omnivore teeth – mash the ribbons into pulpy masses for our stomach acids to finish off. Rather Metal, won’t you agree?

In other pieces of evidence, mainly from plain-eye observation:

  1. Carnivorous humans tend to be happier people than Herbivorous humans
  2. Carnivorous humans are far more often optimists than pessimists
  3. Carnivorous humans tend to be far more factual and far less emotional than Vegans, Vegetarians & Choose My Plate so-called “dietitians”
  4. There is [mostly] no such thing as Terrorism on behalf of the People Eating Tasty Animals mentality, but the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals mentality, however, has innumerable terrorist cells dedicated to it, ALF is not alone! Googling “animal rights terrorism” produces over 4 million search results in 41% of a second! Googling “meat diet terrorism” on the other hand produces only 445,000 results in 37% of a second. So technically us human carnivores are roughly NINE times more peaceful than human herbivores.
  5. Every evolutionary ancestor we had before the Cenozoic Era was a carnivore, but during the Cenozoic and in the [so far] 2015 years Since the Cenozoic, we and our ancestors were neither carnivores nor herbivores, but rather omnivores.
  6. Herbivore diets did not start on Earth until the Carboniferous Period, with millipedes the size of cars.
  7. Metabolisms vary greatly between different humans, some like me can be carnivores who stay slim & slender forever, others like most of my family have to be Omnivores in order to stay slim & slender.

One more thing before I close up – You guessed it – Intents vs Outcomes! Yay!!

For this phase, I will dig into how Intent v. Outcome applies to the case against anti-carnivore attitudes in humanity.

The Animal Rights crowd may want to see animal species be not endangered, but what they advocate [banning meat production, shutting down the pet industry, releasing all captive animals into nature, criminalizing hunting & fishing] would [and does] actually endanger species of animals, in addition to endangering freedom.

Meat diet enthusiasts and Pet ownership gurus, on the other hand, have an enormous diversity of intentions [some I find agreeable, some I find not] but what we advocate [domestication, breeding & farming of all or most nonhuman species, legalization of exotic meats, legalization of exotic pets] actually gets animals off the endangered species list. Don’t believe me, look at these factual side-by-sides:

  1. Cows are often used for meat and owned as pets as of 10,000 BC, therefore their global population is 1,300,000,000
  2. Chickens outnumber us 4 to 1 as of 2003, mainly due to us keeping them in care for 10,000+ years
  3. Pigs have a world population of 2,000,000,000 due to us keeping them on farms and such for longer than we have had cows for
  4. IUCN has this “red list”, and it bans Lions from being captive to anyone other than Zoos, therefore world Lion population stays at the low of 47,000
  5. Multinational laws against farming & breeding tigers stop world tiger population from going above 5,000
  6. Laws and regulations against Panda breeding & farming stop Pandas from populating the Earth beyond 3,000 bears of this particular species.

See the pattern? If so, thank you for reading this today. If not, perhaps a re-read may be a necessity. Thanks all,



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