A Word on Opposite Foreign Policies

Greetings, people of the Web.

As I have said probably a trillion times on the internet by now, I am a Classical Liberal [Medieval era to World War I era definition of liberal] on domestic issues: I advocate Civil Liberties and Political Freedom under a Federal Republic that obeys Rule of Law; plus I emphasize Free Markets, Free Trade, and Private Property Rights under Pure Capitalism.

But on Foreign Policy issues like Israel, Arab League nations, Iran, Military Spending, the Spread of Democracy, Unilateralism, the UN, the OECD, the NATO, the Spread of Capitalism, and Humanitarian Intervention; and on Homeland Security issues like Surveillance with a warrant, Legal immigrants, illegals, and Border Security; I believe the Neoconservative, or “Neocon” stances are, in the majority of cases, the correct ones.

The other minority of cases is basically this:

  1. My opposition to taking tyrannies as allies or even as partners
  2. My belief that the choice of Big Liberty vs Big Security is a false choice
  3. My desire for the two “Bigs” mentioned in the #2 spot to ally against Big Tyranny
  4. My belief that the Spread of Capitalism is superior to the Spread of Democracy due to less Nation Building
  5. My observation that in today’s conflicts there is no such thing as an Arab League nation that can be trusted to help us with expanding freedom [unless Tunisia is the one in question]
  6. My refusal to see Transparency and Openness as enemies of achieving world peace [when in reality they are allies of pulling off world peace]
  7. I refuse to ever approve of government spying without a warrant

I bring all this up today to tell the world that Neoconservative foreign policy is mostly based on Science and Evidence, while the Nonintervention foreign policy is mostly based on Faith and Wishful Thinking.

Now, the shocking basic math of how many lives have been saved by exterminating Tyrannical Empire governments, based on how many innocents such governments killed per day:

  1. Toppling Ottoman Empire in 1925 AD = 674 innocents killed by this empire per day, therefore 22,080,240 innocent lives saved to date by Britain’s demolishing of the Ottoman Empire
  2. Toppling Nazi Empire in 1945 AD = 5036 innocents killed by this empire per day, therefore 128,317,280 innocent lives saved to date by America, Britain & Canada working together to demolish the Nazi Empire
  3. Toppling Empire of Japan in 1945 AD = 11,153 innocents killed by this empire per day, therefore 276,059,056 innocent lives saved to date by Australia, America & New Zealand working together to demolish the Empire of Japan
  4. Toppling Soviet Empire in 1991 AD = 2037 innocents killed by this empire per day, therefore 20,160,000 lives saved to date by America working with like-minded nations to demolish the Soviet Empire
  5. Toppling Taliban Empire in 2001 AD = 5000 innocents killed by this empire per year, therefore 70,000 lives saved to date by America and its allies demolishing the Taliban empire together
  6. Toppling Saddam’s Empire in 2003 AD = 249 innocents killed by this empire per day, therefore 1,091,000 lives saved to date by America and its allies demolishing the Saddam Hussein empire together
  7. Toppling Gaddafi’s Empire in 2011 AD = 3000 innocents killed by this empire per year, therefore 12,000 lives saved to date by the NATO and its members demolishing the Gaddafi empire together

So, that is the track record of what we may know as Neocon Foreign Policy. Unfortunately, the Neocon endorsement of building a Government in place of a Government and their support for friendliness & partnership with tyrannical governments like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Pakistan has resulted in those tyrannical governments being able to import high funding and quality weapons for guerrilla movements like ISIS and Boko Haram.

Nonintervention, on the other hand, has proven itself to be about Faith in the fiction that America was & is somehow too harsh on disgustingly tyrannical empires, and the Wishful Thinking that states that Earth would be perfect if we just did nothing with other nations but Commerce with them, no matter how Good or Evil the government of the nation is. For example. The FDR Presidency had Faith in Nonintervention and General Tojo of the Japanese Empire at the time used our naivety to fly some of his troops in and murder millions of Pearl Harbor civilians. Which brings me to another point to make to expose Non-interventionist Dishonesty: Technology has seen to it that the US can no longer be safe with Non-interventionism as of air plane technology getting into foreign tyranny empires’ grips. Not to mention, Anthropology holds that tyranny and misery are the state condition of humanity. Sound like a common Neocon claim? Well, that is because, again, Neo-conservative foreign policy is based mostly on Science [specifically Anthropology] and Evidence [specifically History]. Let us dig into the history of Israel’s defenses against the Arab League for more samples:

The Arab-Israeli War began with the Jewish people and Arab League governments not being able to agree on who gets what part of The Holy Land. Then the United Nations decided to give some Holy Land to Israel and some to the Arab League. When the State of Israel was established, the Arab League declared War on Israel the same year: 1948 AD.

When I look at the Libertarian Party stance on Israel, the LP pretends as if Israel can defend itself without foreign help to it. Well, allow me, a classical liberal with more common ground with the LP than with either major party, to slam the LP with obvious Arab-Israeli Conflict facts:

  1. Israeli military has 176,500 troops and a $17,000,000,000 annual budget
  2. Arab League military totals are 3,003,782 troops and $118,495,390,000 annual budget
  3. Palestinian piece of AL, for example, has [no joke] 176,500 troops and about $3,000,000 annual budget
  4. Saudi Arabia has highest funded military in the Middle East & North Africa at $57,000,000,000
  5. Egypt has the most populating army in the Middle East & North Africa region at 588,500 established military troops
  6. Arab Empire [Arab League] spends $7 on military to every $1 Israel spends
  7. Arab Empire incorporates five different Oil-rich countries.
  8. Arab Imperial army is a real army, it is not a guerrilla movement
  9. Arab League can be called Arab Empire because of its self-evident intent to rid the world of Non-Arab ethnicities.
  10. Israel’s Jewish 3-in-4 majority is 67% Unaffiliated with any religion, as Israel is the only MENA nation with Freedom of Religion
  11. Israel is a far more secular country than America, and like the US is also a Free Market Republic, although a Unitary one when it should be a Federal one.
  12. Recently Tunisia is the only Arab Empire member to not force all of its citizens to inherently embrace Islam. In other words only Tunisia sets up conversion to Islam to be voluntary
  13. Arab Imperials outnumber Israeli Defenders roughly 17 to 1
  14. Using the Economist Intelligence Unit logic from the Democracy Index, if the Arab Empire was one nation, it would score a 3.14 out of 10, so basically an Authoritarian Regime [that’s using basic math to average the 22 scores of its members] about as stringent as current-day Vietnam
  15. The same index already rates us an 8.11 out of 10 [so obviously yes, every nation has faults] and Israel a 7.63 out of 10 [America and Israel are a Full Democracy and Flawed Democracy respectively]

Speaking of Vietnam, and contrasting it with Korea, we persisted with Neoconservative Foreign Policy in defending South Korea against North Korea, therefore South Korea is a Full Democracy with a mostly free economy whose government’s behavior warrants a score of 8.06 out of 10 on the Democracy Index. For South Vietnam on the other hand, we obeyed the Non-interventionist orders to abandon them and let the North and South get along as best as they can. The result was the mass murderer Ho Chi Minh steam-rolled South Vietnam and turned all of Vietnam into the collective, Authoritarian, 3.14-out-of-10 Tyrannical Dictatorship it is today. If we ignored the Non-intervention crowd in regards to Vietnam, South Vietnam would have been just as permissive-society as South Korea, if not more efficiently Human Rights abiding than today’s USA. Even discarding the vile draft without discarding the noble defense would have led to more willingness to fight for a Good South Vietnam, not less willingness.

Not to mention, as a general rule observed by Anthropology, the science of humans and humanities, predatory and tyrannical instincts are human natures inherited from at least 4,000,000 years of evolution. The dietary Zoology of our non-human ancestors [i.e. Dimetrodon] can explain how and why. Don’t get me wrong, I love meat enormously, but I also believe in ultimate freedom for the entire human species. Most carnivores and even a good deal of omnivores like us humans are predators by nature. And the rest are scavengers. In other words, Evolutionary biology explains how and why we are tyrannical by nature while Anthropology and History both explain how we can solve this problem about our nature.

Unfortunately, the problem is, the Non-intervention crowd continues to be more popular on foreign policy issues even though their agenda is abundantly clearly based on FAITH and WISHES. And the Neo-conservative foreign policy supporters like me are less popular despite our tenets being based clearly on ANTHROPOLOGY and HISTORY.

Well, that is all I have to say about these two and how they contrast. I would like to see Classical liberalism run the world by the 2040’s decade AD. Why not the 2050’s I will explain elsewhere, maybe. Thank you all,



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