Developments of this weekend

Hi people. I decided to tell everyone how I am doing my Dark Fantasy comics.

Firstly I want to let people in on a preview of the character development of the Five protagonists.

All five of them are 6’5″ fairy women with black hair, light skin, azure eyes and glasses [anyone in these comics can have glasses even though it is a D&D-style Fantasy series because the first glasses were devised in the year 1286 AD]. And all have different personalities you will see evidence of in the comics. Their goal is to rid the planet of the influence of this Dark Sultan person whose 7’7″ and who I sort of modeled the design for on a cartoon villain called Jafar, but I gave him his own name, and his title is the title of the entire series.

Next I talk about my main villains for specific chronicles: each one of them is a metaphor for a different genocidal tyrant to have lived and ruled between 1994 [by birth year] and now. Though I will do prequels portraying metaphoric histories of where things on this Earth analog of mine came from.

I post this today because I want to let people know at least the basics of my comics before I go to this convention Connecticon tomorrow.

Thank you all for reading this preview,



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