Why us Nonreligious need “The New American Century”

Hello, internet!

I just saw a bar graph telling me that the most qualified GOP candidate for the job of 45th President of the US, Marco Rubio, is behind four others who are far less down-to-Earth than him, at least in my point of view.

This is so crazy to me that I must make compelling cases for why every voter registered to vote as Republican should vote for Rubio. Starting in this post with why Atheists, Agnostics and other theologically Unaffiliated should support him.

  1. Rubio wants to increase Science funding, from salaries to project budgets
  2. Rubio wants to restore online Free Speech by getting government controls and policing OUT OF social media
  3. Rubio wants to defend the Right to Self-Defense; for example, under Rubio, Atheists and Agnostics and other Unaffiliated will be allowed to EFFECTIVELY defend themselves from assaults by soulless religious fanatics who don’t respect freedom of religion.
  4. Rubio wants to make all of Education transparent, so the exploring young Atheists wanting Evolutionary Biology careers can know Both the good AND the bad of using student loans
  5. Rubio wants to defend the land of Atheism, Agnosticism and other Irreligion statuses being Totally Permitted and of half the total population being Unaffiliated [Israel] against the genocidal Empire of Arab Nationalism and of Islamic Theocracy and of exterminating the Irreligious [The Arab League]
  6. Rubio wants to support and expand the Trade system that most effectively and most fairly popularizes Atheism, Deism and other Nonreligious philosophies [Unrestricted Free Trade]
  7. Rubio wants to create a one-rate-for-all tax system in place of current Federal income tax code, that way we don’t have to worry about paying more in taxes than someone who contributes less to… a Zoology museum, for example
  8. Rubio wants to crush the $18 trillion debt we have as it darkens the futures of Deists, Humanists, and other Unaffiliated all over America
  9. Rubio wants to preserve Liberty in European nations, like the Irreligion icons Sweden and Iceland, through diplomacy, friendship, free trade and alliance.
  10. Rubio wants to get government out of healthcare so that all Non-religious patients’ medical decisions are between them and their doctors.
  11. Rubio wants to set up a foreign policy of moral clarity regarding human rights for all theological demographics, no matter how much he may disagree with some on religious matters
  12. Rubio wants to prevent the genocidal Iranian Revolution regime from exterminating the Israeli Jews, 2 in 3 of whom are Atheist, Agnostic & other Non-religious. By the way Iran also murders innocent Non-religious on Iranian soil to, and Rubio’s foreign policy does not sit well with that, and we should also not sit well with this behavior of Iran’s.

And before any fellow Non-religious person complains about the fact that he is Catholic, disregard that. If he becomes president he will fight for Humanity as a whole against Tyranny and Genocide. Every Atheist, fellow Deist, and other fellow Non-religious should support him for president in 2016. And as a Nonreligious person myself, I will see to it that he gets 100% of the GOP’s Atheist, Agnostic & other Unaffiliated vote in the primaries in April, which will basically be 19 million votes out of 101 million, or 18%, which may not sound like enough but think again: There are many more demographics I am appealing to besides my fellow Nonreligious. Thank you for reading this,



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