What Hard Money Is

Oh hi. I wish to speak of Hard Money and how it keeps everything ridiculously affordable.

So, in modern technology terms, Hard Money is a Public Financing piece of the Rule of Law that says government may not print more of its national currency than it holds in precious metal and/or precious stone reserves. For example, if one were to learn the value of the emerald in one pound of it, the value would be $690,000 per pound, based on the 2300 carats in a pound and the $300 value of one carat of emerald. If a nation’s government held no metal reserves but had 90 American tons [as opposed to metric tons] of emerald reserves, then 90 times 2000 amounting to 180,000 would multiply by $690,000 which would mean the nation could not print more than $124,200,000,000 worth of its own national currency due to the above “Emerald Standard”.

Hard Money has proven itself in History to only allow inflation to occur when more of the precious metal or precious stone the Hard Money policy is based on is added to the Governmental Reserves. For example, continuing the Emerald Standard example above, if another 10 American tons of Emerald was dug up and added to that same nation’s emerald reserves, then the country in question would have $138,000,000,000 of its currency circulating nationally, and therefore prices would go up by roughly 11% [divide $138 billion by $124.2 billion]

The best known examples of Hard Money are Gold Standards.

Now, my great nation the US, has 8000 metric tons of gold for reserves, more than any other nation on Earth. Germany is second at 3000 metric tons. So let me let you know that Gold today is worth $48,000,000 per metric ton. Now, multiply 8000 by $48 million and you get $384 billion circulating in America, and that’s based on a Gold Standard.

Did you know that for every dollar you spend on stuff nowadays you’d instead spend 3 cents if we continued the Gold Standard of our Founding Fathers? True story! Same with Abraham Lincoln’s Gold Standard. This is because Hard Money policies prevent the government from randomly printing money without abandon.

So, to wrap this up, a Hard Money policy ensures that a national government is not devaluing the currency of its nation. That is all I have for now. Thank you,



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