Painting Haradrim & Easterlings from LOTR Novels

Now, your eyes do not deceive you.

I am indeed writing a Citadel Miniatures painting article today. Specifically this is about the Men of the East army, which is both the Haradrim and the Easterlings. Together in the same faction! But this is an idea I am going to very soon experiment on of how to paint them in a way that is heavily involved in the Lord of the Rings books. So yes, I will need to pick up a copy of the current guide to painting Citadel miniatures.

Here, I will list the paint bundles needed for each zone and reasons from the books as to why.

  1. Armor = Gold Bundle. This is because in the novels, the Haradrim and Easterlings both wore plenty of gold, including overlapping scales of metallic dark yellowed metal.
  2. Clothing & flags = Blood Angels Bundle. In the novels, the Haradrim & Easterlings had plenty of bright red silks and finery for clothes, according the the Two Towers novel.
  3. Weapon Wood = Warm Brown Bundle. Okay, I may not have evidence in Tolkien lore of Haradrim & Easterling wood specifically being brown in color, but this is definitely something to observe about… everyone, in the films
  4. Weapon Metal = Steel Paint Bundle. In the novels, Haradrim & Easterlings have steel weapons, made evident in the Return of the King book when the Haradrim are described as Horse riding swordsmen with steel scimitars.
  5. Shields = Yellow Bundle. According to the Two Towers book, Haradrim & Easterlings have yellow shields with black symbols, and the Haradrim specifically have circular shields.
  6. Shield & banner symbols = Sheer Black. As noted above, the shields have black symbols on them in the novels. Also, the banner these two nations have in common is a black serpent on a red flag.

Next, I will decipher the four different creature hide colors:

  1. Human = Tanned Flesh Bundle. In the novels, the Haradrim & Easterlings both have relatively dark skin, as opposed to very dark skin. They are described as having a light brown sort of skin.
  2. Horse = Uruk-hai Bundle. Most horses in the real world are bay horse, meaning dark brown skin with pure black hair. And in the fictional world Middle-earth, it is no different.
  3. Mumak = Grey Bundle. Like the movie Oliphaunts, or Mumakil, the novel beings they are based on are also “grey as a mouse” [line from Two Towers book]
  4. Troll = Sheer Black Bundle. This is for the Half-Trolls or Troll-men, but it would be wise to assume these beings do not really have any human blood in them at all, but rather are a sort of Troll created by Sauron that was supposed to be a biologically superior kind of Troll, but fled to Far Harad in the Second Age. When they returned to the northwestern third of Middle-earth in the Return of the King book, they had jet-black skin, and unfortunate accidental racial tensions aside, these beings were, at least to most novel fans like me, purely Trolls.

Well, to draw conclusion, I do look forward to putting this method into practice. Or, sorry, this is not a conclusion but a prediction: If I know exactly what bundles I need and I know I need to get the painting guide first, then following that guide’s instructions will finally lead me to a paint method I will be at long last satisfied with. Thanks all,



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