Purpose of Government

Time for me to decipher what I legit believe the purpose of government is: It varies by level. Before we begin though, the only government I see as morally legit is a Federal Republic. That is, a government wherein the people elect representatives and these representatives have their power limited by a structure that sets up every city and province of the nation as its own republic, and one of the city or provincial republics be the national or “central” republic.

Now that we’ve addressed that…

See, I believe Homeland Security things like Border Security and general police-work are the sole purpose of City and Province governments. In other words, here in the US that means Local and State governments exist only to provide border security, police, and other homeland security needs.

National government, like the US Federal government, exists [or should exist] only to maintain a tough foreign policy and strong military that are all about the Spread of Capitalism and the End of Tyrannies.

But wait, one may ask, what about all other issues? Well…

I think every government function I have not mentioned here should be privatized.

For examples,

  1. Petco can manage the Biological Scientist project funds, salaries, and conservation efforts.
  2. Regional grocery retailers like Publix in the Southeast region can manage the functions currently managed by the FDA.
  3. Architecture companies like Lane can manage the roads and other infrastructure elements without involving the government.
  4. Non-profit Charity N.G.O.s [Non-Government Organizations] can manage the social welfare as well as the “minimum wage” and “fair labor” standards, among other things currently managed by government labor departments.
  5. Games Workshop’s US division can run the Parks & Recreation departments of America.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in individual sovereignty and in personal freedom on the highest levels, which is why people under the above system would not need to worry about any compulsory giveaway of their own money except for a FairTax-style law including a 12% federal sale tax in the prices, and all services would be willfully provided, willfully utilized – no severe mandates.

Thank you everyone!



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