The Allosauroid family

Hello people.

Today I feel like describing the dinosaur family Allosauroidea.

These creatures are characterized by large heads; massive torsos; longer necks than heads [but the necks are still short]; semi-flat, serrated and knife-like teeth; three-fingered hands; large, meat-hook-like claws averaging 5 or 6 inches apiece; small triangular extensions of the skull above the eyes [often mistaken for horns]; long, rigged tails for balance; and scales as brightly colored as most bird feathers. They also run like ostriches and eat like alligators.

They were around for the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous, almost in full, but the very first species appeared in the Middle Jurassic [176,000,000 BC] and the very last one appeared in the Late Cretaceous [70,000,000]. Basically these carnivores lived for 106,000,000 years. They have managed to populate most of the continents. an animal called Shidaisaurus was the first Allosauroid, Orkoraptor was the last. Here is a list of Allosauroids with when and where they lived in brackets:

  1. Shidaisaurus [China; 176,000,000 BC]
  2. Orkoraptor [Argentina; 70,000,000 BC]
  3. Tyrannotitan [Argentina; 118,000,000 BC]
  4. Austalovenator [Australia; 106,000,000 BC]
  5. Giganotosaurus [Argentina; 101,000,000 BC]
  6. Allosaurus [Tanzania & Western United States; 155,000,000 BC]
  7. Neovenator [England, United Kingdom; 125,000,000 BC]
  8. Sinraptor [Gobi Desert, China; 160,000,000 BC]
  9. Carcharodontosaurus [Algeria & Morocco; 101,000,000 BC]
  10. Acrocanthosaurus [Southern United States; 116,000,000 BC]
  11. Saurophaganax [Western United States; 151,000,000 BC]
  12. Torvosaurus [Portugal & Spain; 153,000,000 BC]

There’s more Allosauroids where the above twelve came from, but I think I have motivated some extensive research into this subject matter. Thank you,



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