Neolibertarians Differ [part 2] From the Tea Party Movement

Welcome to Part Two of the “Neolibertarians Differ From” trilogy

This time I speak of how we are not the Tea Party.

  1. The Tea Party has no real agenda, and seems to thrive on thinking people who can never compromise with each other can work as a team. Us Neolibertarians are not like this. Rather, we have an agenda and we can compromise with each other provided we are all on the same team [which we are].
  2. Neolibertarians like me are all about Gradualism, the ideal of making of progress gradually; Reformism, the ideal of relying on Reforms instead of Revolts; Logic; Reason; and Factual Thinking. We do not believe a ‘Second American Revolution’ will cause anything but room for the Salafis and other tyrannical empires from the MENA to exploit the potential civil war for them to annex us. Most of the Tea Party does not think this factually. Instead they rely on emotion, rhetoric, and overt passion
  3. We vastly oppose the Tea Party in regard to foreign policy. Most of them are highly faithful in the fiction that America cannot create libertarian world order, and they favor appeasement when things are not going our way. Neolibertarians like me on the other hand, believe we must fight Tyrannical Empires until their wills and governments are broken, and we assert that the solution to battles not going our way is to start calling dignity secondary to Tactical Brilliance. The other foreign policy ideal of [most of] the Tea Party is they are completely okay with targeting civilians and civilian property in battlefields, while us Neolibertarians view this kind of disregard for Western Morality as a disturbing and perverted disregard.
  4. Us Neolibertarians also despise the Tea Party indifference to Genocidal Empires around the world. When Bashar Assad gassed 2000 of his own civilians to death and escalated his campaign against liberty Syrians to a point of genocide, the Tea Party advocated just letting him finish his campaign his way. And we were the first political faction to call for the Omar al-Bashir regime of Sudan to be ended over al-Bashir’s Darfur genocide, while the Tea Party was not around until 6 years after said news.
  5. The Tea Party believes GOP candidates who are not Tea Party members to be “establishment Republicans” and that those who are one of them are inherently not establishment. Neolibertarians like me, however, see Republican platform conformist Republicans as the only ‘establishment Republicans’, and we are the same with other Parties and their candidates: Libertarian Party platform conformists [especially LP foreign policy conformists] are “establishment Libertarians”, Democrat Party platform conformists are “establishment Democrats”, and so on and so forth. The only people we see as Non-establishment candidates are those running as Nonpartisan, aka as Independents, as they have Individual platforms not compliant with any major or minor party platforms.

So there you have it. How exactly we are not “tea party libertarians”. I hope you learned something today, and thank you for your time,


PS the final part sees me decipher us from Objectivists.


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