A Federal Republic Is Superior to a Unitary Republic

As you all may know, I am one of those libertarians that prefers a Republic over a Monarchy, so basically that makes me a Classical liberal [as in the 14th to 19th Century AD {and Old World} definition of liberal].

When it comes to Power Structure, though, I differ from [most] Old World classical liberals in that I favor a Federal Republic as opposed to a Unitary Republic.

Why is this? Guess what, it is due to the power structure of a Federation shrinking government power far more vastly than the power structure of a Unitary government, or Union.

The Federation, in this case, breaks its land into a series of provinces and cities, each of which is largely its own Republic but one of them is the national Republic that all the other Republics see as the core Republic.

The more provinces and cities the land has to it, the more different Republics are set up and therefore the smaller share of the same power each Republic has. And in a Classically liberal Republic, this would mean even shares of a very minimal amount of power, as in only enough power for the province and city governments to provide Homeland security needs like Police Work and Border Security and for the nation government to provide military defense and a tough foreign policy of Moral Clarity regarding national consistency with generally Objectivist principles. Or at least, in a proper Federal Republic this is how political power is handled.

The United States for example has 50 provinces called States with their own State governments and 30,000 cities, towns and villages whose governments are called Local governments. And then there is the Federal government, so that is a total of America being a Federation of 30,051 Republics. And 30,050 of these live under 1 and 30,000 of these are divided up into living within 50, some State Republics ruling more Local Republics than other States rule.

Arizona for example is a State Republic that rules 91 different Local Republics, while my current state of Connecticut has 169+ different Local Republics under its State Republic level leadership.

As a general rule, to, Unitary States are generally stricter societies with less laissez-faire in economy than Federal States have been in the millennia of Earth History we know as human history. Contrast America with Israel for example, giving Israel one of the only legit criticisms possible for it [the only other ones being its Flawed Democracy status in Civil Liberties, its Mostly Free status {as opposed to Free} in economy, and the fact that it has mandatory national service {drafting}]. Israel gets itself lesser social and economic freedom mainly from its senseless Draft and from its Unitary structure. America is a much freer Mostly Free economy and is a Full Democracy with only 19 or 20 other nations doing Civil Liberties better than we do! Mainly, you guessed it, Federation being the morally superior [and factually superior] Power Structure to Unitary State.

Thank you all for learning yet more matter tonight,



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