Drastically Changing my 2016 Voting Intentions

Hello everyone! I thought long and hard about my support for Marco Rubio and contrasted his policy ideas with the policy ideas of Rand Paul.

After re-examining my results on isidewith.com, I checked on of the source references on the profile claiming I side 77% with Rand Paul. It was the one about military spending. Turns out the source says the opposite of what isidewith.com claims:

The site claims he supports military budget cuts, but the source – a Time Magazine link – says he wants to raise military spending to seven-sixths of current level. So not only does the isidewith site lie to me in certain aspects but also I may have to vote for Rand instead. Gotta do every little thing myself, don’t I? Plus I view economy as the only thing more important than foreign policy, and I side most often with Rand on Economy.

Not only this, but he gives “Yes” answers to most of the other foreign policy question I give “Yes” answers to. And there are a good deal of foreign policy questions that Rand & I both give “No” answers to. Not to mention, I read up on the both of them on Wikipedia and evidently not only are Rand’s political views their own article, but also they are much more similar to mine.

Finally, I looked at the Rand Paul campaign site, just the Issues pages and a bunch of the subpages, and… He’s got much of it right! So I, the Legendary Deist, will Stand With Rand for president!

Thank you people.



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