Speaking of Flags

This is my thought on the debate of the Confederate Flag and whether it should be allowed to exist and on whether people should be allowed to depict it in a pride-motivated manner.

So… I have seen plenty of debate in regard to this flag; some say it is about hatred while others claim its about heritage. As for me, I do not side with either side of the debate and instead propose a smart question:

Why is this a political issue? This debate is not promoting Rugged Individualism in a Permissive Society, it is not emphasizing Laissez-faire in a Free Market, it is not discussing the superiority of a Federal Republic over a Unitary Monarchy, this debate doesn’t even discuss the 1383-year-old threat the Salafi Empire throw at Liberty, this debate is just the definition of obvious Brainwasher.

Firstly, let me say I hate racism because it is pessimistic, tyrannical, and genocidal; and looking at Anthropology it has regrettably been around since the dawn of civilization, if not well before that. So to call the Confederate flag “the racism flag” is to ignore other racisms from all over human history – the Arab racism against Non-Arabs that has been commonplace in Salafi politics and Baath Party politics since the births of both of these political groups [7th century AD and World War II era respectively]. It would be a similar thing as calling the Third Reich flag “The racism flag”, but not the same as the two governments behaved very differently and the severity of each ones’ tyranny was radically worlds apart.

Which beings me to my belief about flags that do not represent a currently living real world tyranny: You should be allowed to display it on any lands and/or objects that you legally own! I do not care if you are displaying the Timurid Empire flag of 12th Century AD Persia, the Confederate States of America flag of 19th Century AD America, the Red Eye flag of that fictional tyranny from Middle-earth we know as Mordor, or the Dark Elven flag of Naggaroth from the other fictional universe called the Warhammer Fantasy Battle setting; as long as it is strictly on objects [such as vessels you ride or drive to get places] and places [such as houses or yards] that are largely or entirely your property.

I for example own the property I live on in part [doing much of the chores and bringing home roughly 70% of the groceries] and I have the flag of one of the most soulless, villainous, Revenge-addicted civilizations in Fantasy-fiction [the Easterlings, the Men of Rhun from Middle-earth] hanging next to my bedroom door and I don’t care that the Easterlings are villains because they are fictional! And even if the events of Middle-earth happened in actual Medieval times [which they did NOT], their Federation of Monarchies [federal monarchy] would have died something like 600+ years ago!

Now, for all I have said, can a land owner refuse to allow a particular long-dead tyranny flag or fictional tyranny flag on HER or HIS owned land? Absolutely, so long as he or she has the consent of other owners of the same land [if any]. Which brings me to why I write this now: Because this morning I allowed some repair people to repair some damage the condo complex I live in was suffering from. And the person I lived with wanted them to not be near our land or do any repairs to any damage because one of them had a car bearing a Confederacy Flag, and as for me I was more concerned with whatever job they needed to do to better the condo units.

So… the above is all I got. Thanks,



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